why do you want to exist?

Why do you want to exist? Why do you want to be born?

While I try to use various techniques and teachings to temper this aspect of myself, I am and remain a sensualist.

I don’t think we have much choice in the matter: until one day we pop out, and start breathing :astonished:

Now, what we do with that life / that existence: is where we come into the equation - make mummy and daddy proud / become the black sheep of the family / become famous / become infamous / meet one’s potential…

I know…It sucks.


NO Lumi - it’s what you do with the life bestowed upon you, that counts - did you ever buy the KIRA?

Right now I’m so bored, but the boredom is forcing me to achieve something constructive, and that could be anything I choose…

Because something is better than nothing.

I agree. Something is better than nothing.

I will add that even when i’m suffering, there is a part of me prepared to laugh, and that feels good.

no need to be constructive just to ascribe a purpose to yourself. Being productive is a nation building thing that has nothing to do with purpose. I find that being productive can sometimes serve as more of a distraction from your purpose, whatever that may be.

Boredom can teach you many things, especially when your mind sails away.

Just my experience.

No…I havent bought the KIRA St john,s wort pills yet. I still have some left of the different brand, that I’ve been taking.

The short answer is that I don’t. However, I’m not at the point where I feel ready to betray myself.

As many have said, the only choice of whether one exists comes when one does exist, so the question should be about why they wish to continue existing.

Unfortunately, yes. It’s not like we can go back in time and prevent our births…

Lumi, ditch them, and go straight on to taking the Kira - you’ll notice the difference by day 2… trust me :slight_smile:

I tried other brands, too, but the effect was only mild - Kira gives the most noticeable effect within days!

There is no free will in the womb, but there’s plenty to be had once you’re out :smiley:

:laughing: well I am already born so that question is moot.

I want to exist because, I love my family and I love my life. Its like eating your favorite ice cream ,sure it brainfreezes you from time to time in a most horrific painful manner, but, damn it just tastes soooo good, you can’t put it down.

A person that does not yet exist cannot ask these questions, so it would probably be better to ask why do you want to continue to exist, or why do you want to be re-born (i’m thinking reincarnation here)? I’d say it’s because I’ve become attached to my self (i know it sounds a bit dualistic) and wouldn’t want it to disappear forever, as if it had never even existed, in the first place.

Why does everything have to be about what I want, my needs? We do what I want every night. You pick this time.

Ok I say we get drunk on Vodka and go ride a rollercoaster, its a real life simulation type of thing only in caricature form :laughing:

Hey, sounds like a typical day, only with slightly less nausea.

Something is only better than nothing per your definition of ‘better’ whatever it may be.

I want to exist because it is my purpose. I was born involuntarily with instincts to continue existing. Things that threaten my existence are painful, so I don’t like them and, deductively, like existing.

It’s really just a biology question and nothing more. The statement that something is better than nothing, though, is pure philosophy.

I took it as an existentialist based philosophical question as I think everyone else did, in which my answer remains something is better than nothing.

To answer it in a completely objective metaphysical way, I don’t believe in free will, so causality has not caused me to desire my own death.