Why does love...

What might be impossible for one person to do alone or unsupported becomes possible when supported or done with another. love can intensify or create a focus. so that the how is seen in a more clear light. Love creates support , compliments and enhances abilities insight knowledge and focus through symbiotic exchanges.

Nothing can make the impossible possible.

Are we getting our philosophical questions from greeting cards now?

It is impossible for a woman of 5’3" 120lbs to lift a sedan car off the ground in order to have someone pull her child out from under it. Yet this has happened and such incidents have been documented. Feats of impossible strength happen when a loved one is in danger. A failing unfocused human becomes successful after meeting and gaining love from their mate. What may be impossible for one can be done with two of similar mind. If both are focused together the impossible may become possible.

Then it’s not impossible.

I think the term impossible here is used instead of the word improbable so to emphasize the rareness of the event occurring. If taken literally, you would be correct. If an event was actually impossible, not just thought to be so, then it would be impossible for that event to be possible. But, since we ascertain impossibility through our experience of actuality, impossibility then becomes really just a misuse of language since what is really mean is improbability. Thus impossibility remains impossible to ascertain, and improbabile events apparently actualize with the help of love.

I think you know exactly what I’m saying.

Love describes an altered relationship to the same phenomena. Seeing things in a positive light, we don’t see threats around every corner, etc.

I’m not sure if that addresses ‘why’ and ‘how’ though. I guess I’m just agreeing with Kriswest.

And that’s not an assumption I am willing to make because it’s a contradiction in terms. You’re starting with what is merely a cliche and spinning it into a literal, philosophical question. My point is meant to stress that you should be more careful with your choice of words. Cf. Erlir’s post.

He’s right, and real you should know better! It’s the same reason non-existence doesn’t exist.

There are things that may be impossible without love, but that’s different. Love is powerful. It ups the ante. Things you wouldn’t do otherwise you’ll do for love.

Note: this is not always a good thing.

Nope. :laughing:

Also, undoing impossibility can be negative like I said. Be careful what you wish for…

Love is not the cliche; that “love makes the impossible possible” is the cliche. And this isn’t semantics per se, I’m talking about the law of non-contradiction: If something is impossible, it is not possible. Therefore it is not possible for anything (love, or anything else) to “make” the impossible possible, because the impossible is not possible. If something “impossible” is possible, then it is not impossible. So on ad nauseam.

lets say it like this: a person by themselves cannot lift 250, it is impossible but, with someone else they can. Working together makes an impossible thing possible.

One lonely person lacks strength initiative drive stamina, this makes many things impossible or to make those others happy improbable to do. Add love and companionship and you become stronger more lively Gives imagination, this makes the imossible possible, the improbable probable…

It does not matter that you or I could do these things, it only matters that the lonely person could not. We are not talking global change but, personal change. That is what that phrase means. It is about personal achievment through love. What was impossible on a personal level becomes possible through love.

That mother in normal times could not lift that car, she could do it at that time because her beloved child needed her to. Afterwards she could not lift that car. It is these personal achievements that have been documented that give proof to that phrase.