Why don't you take philosophy seriously?

Why don’t you live your philosophy?

(this question is aimed at the fluff-contributors to ILP…)

I just don’t know if I can respect posters who come to ILP to add fluff anymore. What’s the point of your philosophies if they aren’t lived? It seems worthless to me.


I live and speak my philosophies. Where not many agree with my positions, I do try to introduce thoughtful content and replies. People deserve respectful, considerate interaction.

You are one who I would consider as the better examples of ILP Litenin.

That crowd is getting fewer and fewer though…

Thanks Real…I have noticed the threads you participate in produce appropriate syllogistic deliberation also. I believe the people you speak of get disappointed in responses they receive sometimes. That makes it hard to keep up a level of interest for further postings. I admit to that conumdrum too. Having new minds to springboard from would add spice to this site.

Yes seriousy philosophical topics have been dwindling in the past months since I joined. Even though I may not be able to contribute, I’d appreciate more topics started by Dan/Faust/Carleas and the type instead of the same repititive babble by Ladyjane, Aidan and…

Live your philosophies? Many of us do not have our philosophies stuck in cement yet even though we are of the older generation. Can’t live what is being learned. That would be like changing your underwear five times a day. Its hard of enough to be moral or ethical in a social world, now you want us to live by our philosophies? Next thing you know we will actually have to obey a god too. Thanks.

As far as philosophies go, here is what happens… Lets say you live by one,then you learn and trust a different one…at that point you get to live with the lovely name of hypocrite,Yea…Then you convince everyone you are this way and then…low and behold something better comes along,(it always happens) …You change again you darn hypocrit…

Lets say now that you actually are so head strong that you live by your philosophies…they never change…You are stuck in philosphy jail… You get the name Idiot… You see some philosophy that might be better but, nope you are honor bound to stay in your little cell…Yea…

You can’t live philosophy, its not for living by its for learning growing and coping. And you can, at best hope, that it serves you well. Don’t discount fluff too quickly, that is a wasteful thing to do. It is akin to not listening to children. Children have a grasp on the world that is lost when we get humanized. Fluff will at times give you some much needed insight and knowledge.

Living by the best of your current knowledge should not inherently limit how much new knowledge can change you. Being hypocritical is holding opposing positions simultaneously, accounting for new understanding doesn’t make you a hypocrit. Nor should others thinking you are a hypocrit make it so.

Rouzbeh - it’s cyclical around here. I am flattered, btw. I don’t start many threads because they are usually met with silence, or puzzlement, and because, over the years, I have said most of what I have to say. For me, philosophy is eliminative - it is a process of winnowing out bad ideas. That has left me with relatively little to say - no metaphysics, no onotogly, no epistemology. I’ll try to think of something.

I live my philosophy - I am a perspectivist/materialist/logical positivist. It’s not so much about what I do, but about what I don’t do. Which is a lot.

Right and if you change then how quickly will do people accept that change ? Not quickly at all, we like our people to not move around, we like them in one nice neat package. If by chance you spout off something opposite of what you used to think, you get labeled hypocrite. You know that. You have to work to get them to see the change. Seeing change is not something people like to have to do. I did not say it makes you a hypocrit, you just get called one until you work to prove different. That is why I prefer to not be so grounded,its alot of darn work to convince stodgy people, No one really knows what to expect with me, except my husband. It would not be fair to keep him guessing :laughing:

My ideals are too far out of reach to live like them practically.
My view life is that it is absurd, so i act accordingly, absurdly.

well people do say practice what you preach and what not… but you can hardly hold anyone to it…

most preachers live laughably in “sin”…

but i do agree with you that fluff contributors are largely a waste of time. those people looking for reassurance or a good time, friends or credit; i could do without them.

theres nothing more annoying when you make a serious post than having someone waste your time by calling you stupid or derailing your thread. recently i have been engaged in a serious math argument and there are constant new entries who post the same nonsensical denials that i have dealt with 1 too many times.

the upside to all this is that these fluff contributors are smellable from miles away… and i already have a nice collection of pre-worded responses fit for the worst of them… (“i know you are but what am i?”)

but why don’t they take philosophy seriously? evidently they aren’t serious philosophers…

I guess that’s where we defer. I take no stock in opinions themselves, only in what they can teach me. I wouldn’t change because of pressure to placate those opinions, but only because I found what they said to be true.

As for me, I try very much to follow the conclusions I’ve come to. I’ve been labeled an ultra rationalist by a few friends. Even what are clearly value judgements I try to break down into as seemingly self evident self consistent maxims as can be made.

Geez no , South i just don’t want to argue that often with those around me. Its lazy, not pacifying… :smiley:

what is lazy but a by-product of over pacification… not to be a nit pick lol

Well now that depends upon the lazy. Some are, some are not, I am afraid if I asked those around me if I am pacified they would injure themselves with laughter. Then I would have to get insulted and get into a ruckus with them. See, work.

I do enough physical work that sometimes mental work just has to take a back seat. :laughing:

You sound like you are taking the easy way out. You sound weak. Just like those suicide-ers! Just kidding.


I don’t know about what you’re saying; I think you can live your philosophy perfectly without being a hypocrite. There’s no reason why a philosophy can’t learn, grow, and change. In fact, that is what I would say is ‘good’ philosophy.

You don’t need to chisel your philosophy into stone–you can write it in the sand just as well. What’s the difference?

(I would like your response on this before I respond again) :smiley:

If it is written in sand then it will be erased. I should ask if you are thinking about specific types of philosophies, that might help both of us :smiley:

if it is written in the sand it will only exist as long as you are there to rewrite it.

and when you die someone else will continue to rewrite it.

such is the actual nature of philosophy

No not specific philosophies, I just meant that I wonder why it seems to me like some people don’t take philosophy seriously in general. I mean, the way I relate to philosophy is directly. Every act of philosophizing to me speaks about my life as one-in-the-same. I cannot separate my metaphysical beliefs from my actions, nor should I. In that way, I question the seriousness of others in general and on ILP. Why come to ILP, specifically on the Philosophy Forum, if you’re not going to contribute? If you live your philosophy, then you must contribute.

I understand not being serious all the time is a good thing, but I’ve observed a degradation of the quality of posts in the philosophy forum section over the past weeks. (I don’t know, maybe I’m deluded?) It could just be a mistake in my perception, but like Wonderer has mentioned, there’s a lot of derailment or destroyed threads, which means that somewhere in heaven kittens are dying…


And the difference with writing a philosophy in sand or stone is that the wind will sweep away the one in sand and a hammer will break away the one in stone… :wink: