Why drugs make some people rich and some people poor

Drugs are mind expanding mind altering mind numbing mind fucking substances that rule the world. Rich people are on cocaine and weed, poor people are on crack and weed, and everyone in between is on either alcohol and cigarettes or some other shit that nobody talks about.

Here’s a guy who deals in drugs with the Farq and goes and make publiuc statements about how he runs all these drug selling businesses operations across the world. Quite obviously he knows a thing or two about the world.


Why are drugs so important in the economy of power?

Vacation demands, needs, desires.
Release from pain temporary and permanent.
To supply these is an economic power. No different than supplying power, fuel, food. You get into one of those niches and be a damn good supplier, you have power.

Decadence, hedonism, excess energy converted into a chemical release

A means of balancing personal biochemistry, and especially, deficiencies of certain emotions, feelings, and specific chemicals

Short cuts for impatient and lazy apes.