Why Ethics makes Morality Obsolete...


What is ethics? How would we define it? Some people see ethics as being synonymous with morality which makes for some confusing conversation.

In other words: How is ethics different from that of morality?

I agree with you of course that morality is a fabrication by religionists. :slight_smile:

lol ouch. what about do-gooder athiests?

i see ethics as beinf defined by morality, or vice versa. i have no doubt that ethics and morality are merely subjective opinions declared to be universal, but perhaps there is even 1 simple truth that we perhaps take fopr granted or do not realise, and from this we base ethics and morality.

the first idea i get is that i dont like being hurt. this goes along way in forming ethics, but i believe it goes much deeper than aversiopn to pain.

I feel that your concepts of what ethics and what morals are are backwards. Ethics, as we consider corporate or political ethics, are more defined by the consensus of society. Ethics are what is considered socially acceptable, determined by society, while morals tend to be individual ideas of right or wrong that generally dont negatively affect others. An example would be gay marriage in a society which allows legal union. Someone morally opposed to gay marriage isnt directly harmed in relation to their civil liberties. It is ethically accepted that all must be granted basic civil liberties equally as long as others’ liberties arent infringed upon.


wiki says:


  1. The ability to distinguish good and evil or right and wrong, right or good conduct.
  2. (ethics) Motivation based on ideas of right and wrong.

My Oxford English Dictionary agrees with Wiki.

Do-gooder pious atheists are just as religious in their moral hysterias. They too revolve around such conceptualizations like that of the sacred “good” or “truth”.

Even though I am a atheist I have no respect for atheists of the moral pursuasion. Give me a honest amoral atheist who is atleast open with his beliefs no matter how hostile they may be.

If one truely believes that there is no god in existence than there is no reason to be moral either.

God is dead and so is morality along with his deteriorating corpse.

Yes we should trust wiki. Such a site wouldn’t be bias would it? :sunglasses:

Ethics being the center of what is corporate or political in the consensus of society is accurate.

But from whence did the ethical consensus of society stem from? Religion.



lol thats also a bit harsh. what if some guy is delluded (as religious fentics seem to be) in the idea that being good creates more good, and that eventually there would be nothing but good. and uses thios as jusification for employing morals.

ethics should not be defined as social norms. social norms are for the mos part always wrong. to base ethics in social norm would be top throw them out the window.

What can I say? I am the unwanted bastard child of philosophy. Everyone’s favorite person to hate.

His utopic delusions still wouldn’t be any more real.

To your post I would say that morality and ethics are reduced to social norms. And yes we should throw them out the window.

And on the day when they are obliterated what a wonderful world it could be. :laughing:

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I see morality as absolute. There is a right, and there is wrong.

Ethics I see as more subjective. For instance, it is not morally wrong for me to get really, really fat. But I value a healthy life, and if I allow myself to get really, really fat, I am acting in a way that clashes with my values, and thus my personal ethics.

I’ve always wanted to see what the stigma of necrophilia is all about. I hear a dead model after a hour almost looks new.

( Just kidding.)

Oh really? :slight_smile: I’m going to love this. Do tell the absolutes. ( Picks up a chair filled with popcorn in his lap.)

I see both ethics and morality being so entirely relative or subjective unto being irrelevant into meaningless chitter chatter.

Which absolutes are you interested in?

There’s a thread about somewhere entitled “Question for Tace” in which I made a fairly decent attempt at explaining absolute morals/rights, which would probably be a good place to start.

Cover them in this thread. I have no life being that I am a villainous deviant full of sin. I have all the time in the world.

( Well…not literally.)


If you have no life, you have enough time to go and find the thread and read it. I personally, have a limited amount of time and would much rather not spend most of it writing out that which I have already explained part of.

Very well… :confused: I’ll look for it later.

Indeed, I see theists take alot of flack on these forums, and thats fine, alot of theists deserve it. But blaming everything and anything on them is a bit lame.