Why European Culture is Hated

But you know what’s ironic, a lot of these countries that have been European colonies actually pride themselves on having been part of European culture (speaking French, English, etc), and in many parts of Asia all-things-British are still used as a symbol of class and status. Who knows, were these places a part of a Japanese empire, all-things-Japanesey would be seen a status symbol. But this is between the local people. Just the little things like being able to speak English or having a British education is already seen as more cultured. Now, the same is with Asians and American education. A lot of liberal colleges of status (Berkeley, Harvard…) are full of international students from wealthy families who are searching for that status in the West. Many will go back to Asia and work at some prestigious firm that cares about its image. So, on the one hand yes, no country wants to be dominated by another culture, but on another hand, many local people automatically buy into power/superior culture/status and play along.

I saw him post supposed lines from the Talmud, not the Torah. You mentioned the Torah. I haven’t seen any objectionable lines supposedly from the Torah yet, you would need to give them to me so I can verify them.

Who the fuck gives a shit if it comes from Torah or Talmud you autistic fucks. The important thing is what Jews do, and what Jews do happens to align near perfectly with what they state Jews should do in Talmud.

Jews are disgusting perverts who have no moral qualms whatsoever with entering a nation, acting as parasites exploiting and destroying the native people and all the while pretending to be victims and hiding this from the goyim.

They are a cancerous growth on the white race and they must be dealt with accordingly.

I didn’t say it mattered if it comes from the Torah or Talmud. Otto is the one who brought up the Torah, not me. I simply asked him to cite what he claims is objectionable in it, which so far he hasn’t done.

I went to an online English translation of the Talmud to verify some of the supposed statements you mentioned, and couldn’t find them in the respective sections. So I’m assuming it’s made up by Jew haters like you. Have you actually looked in a Talmud and verified for yourself these are in there? If so, if I can see them in there for myself, then absolutely I will agree it is deplorable. But so far I see no proof these are anything but fake news.

I actually tried to verify it, but couldn’t find an English translation. The quote by Dibre David I posted could hint as to why that is so.

I believe it because

  1. I see what Jews do and it aligns with what is written they should do in Talmud
  2. The Alt-Right has earned my trust and I trust most of the things they post, not absolutely, but I trust them


Some things Jews are deplorable in and of themselves (sucking bloody baby cock, sexual perversions), but I don’t really blame Jews for being like everybody else (except whites in the last couple of centuries or so) and advocating their own group interests at the expense of others. “Blame” in the sense that I expect them to do otherwise, which I don’t. Advocating promotion of your interests and the destruction of your enemy is what any healthy group does, and hiding this double standard from your enemy is also a wise tactical move.

That said, I also wouldn’t blame a hungry animal for coming at me, still doesn’t mean I wouldn’t slit its throat.

I view conflict as an inevitable part of life. I spoke of this in my “Nobody is anti-violence” thread. Organisms and groups of organisms fight over territory and resources. That’s what life is.

It just so happens that Jews, as well as niggers and to a lesser extent sand-niggers, represent pretty much everything I despise:
In case of Jews it’s their dishonesty, sneakiness, sexual perversion, shekel-obsession and ugliness, in case of niggers it’s their stupidity, primitiveness (in both body and mind), mindless violence, and so on.

What if, You would find Yourself one earthly day a Buddhist who believes in retrograde karma, (for want of beleiving something other then your self) what if, you would be a nigger in the next life as you put it, or even a white man imorisoned in a black ruled ,white enslaved community. Would your ideas change?

Can you honestly ask yourself? Because if you wouldn’t, or couldn’t, the results would be quite conformational and predictable.

And what if Karmic law, or eternal return were really the way it all works?

Here you go:

jewishvirtuallibrary.org/bab … -full-text

I’ll take note that you admit you haven’t verified any of these supposed sayings for yourself.

You’re the ones preoccupied with what Jews write. I care about what they do.

That’s logically flawed thinking. If nigger then not me. “if you were a nigger” is a contradiction.

Every group wants to advance its own interests, both niggers and whites. I never denied this part. What do you want?

Not really, you’re the one who brought up those (fake) quotes from the Talmud. And they are fake. I checked it out.

Let’s take this one, from your own graphic you posted: "Sanhedrin 43a. Says Jesus (“Yeshu” and in Soncino footnote #6, Yeshu “the Nazarene”) was executed because he practiced sorcery: “It is taught that on the eve of Passover Jesus was hung, and forty days before this the proclamation was made: Jesus is to be stoned to death because he practiced sorcery and has lured the people to idolatry… he was an enticer and of such thou shalt not pity or condone.”

So I went to the Talmud online and found this section, Sanhedrin (funny enough some of the sections aren’t even spelled correctly in your graphic, and the Talmud isn’t even organized like it says (there is no “43a”, rather there are 11 chapters)), and I went through each chapter and did a word search for the following terms, just to make sure I didn’t miss it: Jesus, Yeshu, Nazarene, and Passover.

Guess what? It’s not in there.

This is just one example out of others I also tested. You can try it for yourself.

So why would your own “information” cite misspelled names of books in the Talmud, improper ways of dividing those books into sections, and then the actual lines it claims aren’t even anywhere in there? Hmmmmm this is a tricky one to figure out!

Oh yeah, you were duped. Like a little kid who believes everything he is told without thinking for himself. You are duped by fake racist propaganda some asshole in his basement made, and you never once had the intellectual honesty to wonder if it’s actually true or not.

Fucking pathetic. And quite embarrassing for you.

I was going to stay out of this because Autsider is shockjocking and is bringing disrepute to himself and his ideas by intentionally provoking such reactions…But… Void seriously… I have been paying a lot of attention to your posts of late and I have noticed something. Your basic position is that you know the “truth” of X. You will carry on with lengthy posts telling someone why they are wrong, without ever acknowledging the substance behind what they are saying and looking into it yourself. If you do look into it yourself, which is not usually until after you order someone to spoon feed you the information, you will find the nearest confirmation and go “SEE???”. (This is what Peter does, not a great example to follow).

For example. You spoke like you knew everything about the “conspiracy” (as if the word itself de-legitimizes the idea), yet it is obvious you know much less than everything about it as indicated by your demands for spoon fed information and your lack of understanding of the core issues. You then “looked into it” yourself regarding the quotes and found confirmation that it’s all made up, and there you stopped. You didn’t actually do any research of any kind. For example, you know there are different versions of the talmud, and that the untranslated texts are generally not open for public digestion? Let me guess you googled the sentences, or found a jewish website with a copy of “the talmud” and surprise surprise you couldn’t find anything. This is lazy research. Do you ever start on “the dark side” and research something, or are you incapable of setting aside your bias?

Just as a side note, the subject matter you are struggling to deal with here usually takes people a number of years before they understand the truth of things. Don’t expect to be spoon fed a few sentences and have some greater insight than people who have put 20 years into it.

Do some better research on those quotes and you will find what you are looking for. Have you ever asked yourself “why?” when it comes to this subject?

If the establishment “right” and literalists could admit the truth to themselves, many many issues that are “complex” and many seemingly conflicting principles would instantly correct themselves and the path to “making our culture great again” would be clear (which involves simply ensuring our cultural expressions come first in all media).

We hear the words “judeo-christian” all the bloody time. Someone please go to a local orthodox synagogue and start talking about “judeo-christian” anything, let me know when the awkward silence starts.

I used an online English translation of the Talmud, which I posted the link to. You’re free to confirm or disconfirm any of those supposed lines from it that AudSider posted. I’ll assume you haven’t done so, and aren’t interested in doing so.

I’ve already explained why the “Jewish conspiracy” is clearly nonsense. I’ve explained it more than once here. As of yet I’ve seen neither evidence of such a conspiracy (and I’ve now debunked what Autsider presented), nor have I seen a response to the arguments that I raised. You yourself here are ignoring not only the arguments I raised but also my recent refutation of that crap that is supposed to be in the Talmud but actually isn’t.

You make allusions to me doing “Google searches” as if that is going to convince anyone that I didn’t actually look at the Talmud itself and prove those passages aren’t in there.

So you’re free to offer your evidence, or to refute what I just posted regarding those sayings not actually being in the Talmud. If you have a source of the Talmud or Torah that shows these saying, why haven’t you brought it for us to see? I’ll wager a simple guess: because you don’t have it.

As for Judeo-Christianity, everyone knows that the Torah is basically just part of the Old Testament in the Bible. Jesus himself was Jewish. Moses, Abraham, those old people and stories are shared between Judaism and Christianity.

Christianity is a fusion between Roman and Greek religion and philosophy, based upon the foundation of Judaism. This isn’t even controversial, I am surprised you don’t know it.

Yeah that’s right, you got no response at all.

As I said, just pathetic.

Actually I would say what they write or talk about amongst themselves is usually a great indicator of their actions where all in observance is important.

You missed almost everything I said. I don’t give a crap one way or another about the “conspiracy” or lack thereof as an ideological chess piece and there are jews in my family that I certainly don’t hate. I also don’t really care to prove anything. My point is that you are going beyond telling someone to backup a claim, you are telling them to do your research for you, lest you simply google an “english translation” of whatever and formulate your opinion based on 5 minutes of “research”. It is a lack of respect for the arguments and doesn’t do yourself any good other than to satisfy your bias.

So, for the sake of argument on this topic, I am curious as to what would be sufficient for you? Does someone have to go and find an uncensored version for you? Do they have to read it to you? Or put it in your hand?

That last one goes on to discuss different stipulations on the trade of cattle that has been used for an immoral act by a heathen.

I could continue, for quite a while and actually reading some other parts really made me laugh. Sounded like something out of a Ferengi book of the Rules of Acquisition.

So again, I’m not really sure what you are looking for, because you aren’t doing any real research of your own. Nobody is going to change your mind in a few forum posts, especially if you have already cemented your opinions. Your approach is not conducive to learning.

As for your post regarding modern usage of the phrase “judeo-christianity”, I don’t know what to say other than it betrays your lack of understanding on the issue.

Pathetic? You aren’t hiding your defensive posturing very well.

You missed the entire point I have been making; which is that none of those phrases can actually be verified. At least not by me, not yet. Have you opened a Talmud and verified them; or are you just copying and pasting from some random website you googled?

Why can’t anyone produce actual evidence here? I already provided a link to an English translation of the Talmud… where is the link to your source? Not confident enough to share it?

It’s funny that these “sources” are often not even spelling the names of the sections correctly, and that the Talmud isn’t even laid out into sections like those in your supposed source. Again, you would know this if you had bothered to read what I already posted. Which obviously you didn’t do.

And yet again, more failure by you to address the points I made regarding the idiocy of the entire notion of a Jewish conspiracy; so in addition to ignoring the arguments I’ve made and failing to provide even a single link to a source that we can check for ourselves, you are basically just repeating yourself without saying anything.

What’s the point of that? I don’t know, you tell us.

Same goes for your “response” to my comments about Judeo-Christianity. You have quite literally no response, nothing to counter against what I said, and yet you pretend to be responding? Pure dishonesty, blatantly transparent and not even interesting.

“As for your post regarding modern usage of the phrase “judeo-christianity”, I don’t know what to say other than it betrays your lack of understanding on the issue”. Lol. That’s it?

“I know you are but what am I??”

They are excerpts from a digitized version of a copy I own, all 9900+ pages of it (them). Again, how would you like this verified void? There is literally nothing that would be good enough for you. I will point to 3 rabbi’s that will tell you it’s true, you will point to 3 rabbi’s that tell you it’s not. Never mind that you seem to be completely ignorant of or are omitting the long history of debate over the talmud, and you have even still ignored the fact that there is more than one talmud. I don’t know void read some bloody history, even Wikipedia knows this crap. What would you accept? Because right now I can link you anything on the internet, but that wouldn’t be enough right? Because you’re comfortable in the position of acting like you aren’t making a claim, demanding proof which you summarily dismiss (and it wouldn’t matter what was provided) and then demand more, and if nobody brings it to you, then you’re “right”. You were speaking of pathetic? It wouldn’t matter if we were talking about the talmud or the “sky being blue”, the conversation would be the same. So what would it take? What would prove it to you?

This isn’t exactly an obscure text. I found similar translations on mainstream jewish websites with a simple google search. Translations are sanitized and censored to various extents.

And Void,
How do you explain the USS Liberty incident?

Maybe I’d care enough to check sources for somebody else… Void? Nah. Not worth my time.