Why God can´t exist.

I would like to say it´s great to finally find a forum like these and for that thank you.

So…for some moths now I have been thinking about and “original” idea on why “god” can´t exist, I assumed that all the believers understand god to be perfect, he knows all, he is all, timeless, all knowing, alpha and omega, next I thought I needed to understand better the word “perfect” and the idea I come up with is that perfection is a absolute state so it is everything or it is nothing, with these being said, we can only assume that god is everything…or god is nothing…so if god is nothing…well game over, but if god is everything…there is a catch the perfection of “the everything” contains on it self all the infinite possibilitys of being and with in it the possibility of error \ mistake. What I concluded is that Man in the creation of the figure of God it created it´s own demise by saying or understanding it to be the beginning and the end.

My point here is not to prove something because to be honest we don´t need to think that much to understand why god can not be, I would like that some one would explain to me why I´m wrong and start a conversation thank you.

Welcome Zacar.

Then I guess the big question is : Why do humans pretend there is a god, or gods?

What? Do you expect ME to take the blame for all my screwups? :astonished: No way. God made me do it… or the devil. Either way, I’m not responsible for the way I am. I’m just a poor sinner lost and bewildered and in need of salvation… I’m sure there is someone on TV who can hep’ me see da’ light…

But only if ye put yer wallet on the TV, and swear yer money to them. God won’t answer their prayers fer ya if ya don’t …

OK Ok… I’ll do that. Uhhh… what can you get for 1.98? :-k

They won’t even send you a prayer ribbon for that. But they would if you sign over your car and home to them.

“My garage runneth over.” - Reverend Ike

Think about that one statement for a moment.
Why would you or anyone be spending such time trying to think up an original idea on why anything does or does not exist?
There is a reason. You were not inspired to think up a reason why God does exist, only why God does not exist.
Who inspired that thought in you? Someone did. And why that particular direction?

Why not be spending time thinking about a means to know for certain whether God exists or not, rather than merely that God doesn’t exist? There is a reason why you were inspired in that particular prejudice direction. It certainly didn’t come from the Church.

You would like for someone to explain why you are wrong? Seriously?
I doubt that. You were not seeking any truth. You were seeking a particular conclusion.
And in the long run, that is why you ended up being wrong. That is why.

A simple question…
What exactly is a god anyway? I mean what qualifies something as a god (any ole god) or not?
Not knowing for certain exactly what a god is, how can you ascertain if one exists?
Maybe, just maybe the people around you never really knew either and just assumed either for or against.
Maybe the first most rational question to ask, is what is missing in your assessment.

ahhhh I´m so happy I got some responses good!

So u ask me why is these question important? from what I understand u are telling me that god or no god there are much more important things in life, and I must say I agree, the thing is… understanding these question gives us power, responsibility in our actions and a predisposal to act and create, I make these question and I think so much about these not because I wish I could prove there is or there is not a god that´s a very simple answer and I´m not really interested in that what I wish is to people to understand that Humans should have more credit, that´s about it, the human mind was able to create a god and that is a very advanced logical thinking for some people in the stone age, god was the first unified theory of the universe, our first step in philosophy, maybe our first abstract cogito, if Humanity were brave enough to now understand \ see the universe with a new theory or a new way of thinking (just not knowing and wanting to know) it would make us leap forward.

In what regards of some one proving me wrong well that was a bit off a trick question…because I´m wrong and I know it from the start, because the question is not valid I just wanted to start a conversation.

But let me ask you these, do you belive in god? or do you think there is a god?

give me and answer and I tell you why I ask.

PS: thank you for engaging in these topic

Bro James,why should Zacar change just because you say so? And who says your change to him is a good one, or a right one? I think Zacar can decide for himself his conclusions. Keep on keeping on Zacar.



Looks to me like you are just playing a word association game. You don’t even bother to present any etiemolgical work to Demosthenes what definitions you use or why you use them. you don’t bother to consult any kind of lagnappe or text. are you taking the concept of perfection form the Bible? Or do you assume that from theology? why? why assume it at all?

Where do you get the idea that perfection is “all or nothing?” what does that even mean?

we don’t. we encounter God so we know he’s real.

Is this some kind of proof or something? Or just audition for “last comic standing?” :banana-dance:

Why should you ask such a question?
Who said anything about him changing just because I said so?

The only “change” I made if any at all was to answer his question and ask a question for him to think on.
Are you saying that he should not get answers or think?

Not if no one ever answers his questions or inspires him to think.

“Bro V-Out, why should Zacar stay his course just because you say so? And who says your advice to him is a good one, or a right one?”

Hi and welcome,Zac.
If God is perfect, he would not be messing around with us measely humans. Perfection needs nothing else but what it is.

If he’s wrong, explain why. Dispense with the straw men and dismissive attitude. He said he’s looking for a conversation, not a psychological evaluation.

Psychological evaluation”??
…get real.

He asked a question and I answered it.
From V-Out I get how I should let him make up his own mind.
And from you I get that I should do his thinking for him.

Gyahd… :unamused:

Of course if he had come in here asking why anyone pretends that God does NOT exist, you guys would be all over his ass trying to reprogram him with your doubts and certainty. You guys just can’t stand someone messing with your master’s programming, can you.

You didn’t answer anything. You told him he was “wrong”, then proceeded to pick apart his motives for asking the question. You’re derailing the original discussion. The statement itself evokes a different conversation than an examination of motives behind the statement.

Like I said, explain why. I don’t have a problem with you saying ‘God’ exists so long as your provide an explanation.

He asked why he was wrong.
His motives is why he was wrong.

If a scientist is trying to get a specific conclusion rather than discover the truth of the situation, he will invariably find some excuse for believing what he had already decided. It is called unintentional “affirming the consequent” and “presumption”.

He didn’t ask if God exists.
He asked 2 questions;
A) Why do people pretend that God exists?
B) Why am I wrong?

I answered the second (making the first pointless to ask).
The first would be one concerning psychological analysis… the thing that you [falsely] accused me of doing.

“You’re derailing the original discussion.”

…talk about the kettle calling the Sun black. :unamused:

Gotcha. My mistake.