Why is everything so boring?

I could have dated like one or two BOMB girls but one was daft and cruel and other was a vain and materialistic simpleton…on a ‘evolutionary psychology’ my attraction to them would be capped because they were young, slim and had big bums and tits…but human-beings are not one dimensional…and what the autistic loonies miss is that socialization(which escapes them)is actually very important for normal human beings.

i came up with it on my own
thank you very much



A male is a male is a male is a male… even gay guys are attracted to females, and gay females attracted to guys… biology cannot lie, it seems.

My mind does not become changed by others’ minds… nor my heart, so I can entertain others’ thoughts and whims, without adopting them. Not everyone is encouragable or susceptible.

Are you talking Kardashian-proportions here, or more lingerie/fitness model-esque?

To be fair… I don’t leave home unless I have something specific to do or somewhere specific to go… I’ve always been like that. I’m sure they go out, under that premise. Extroverts are the opposite and don’t need a reason to go out… they just go out.

i like gay guys…we used to go clubbing on gay nights…used to be Tuesday night…best fun i had. dancing and partying with gays is 100 better than the night-time pick-up with cocks and hens running around the town…most women are too crass and act too hard to get…and men and drunken brutes and savages…or they lack character mostly…not that gays dont have their downsides…i could not travel with an average gay for few days like i could with a good friend…but a lot of gays are normal males character wise anyway…

i told you to leave me alone girl…dont try to prey on my niceness…

I’m not interested in you, so no c-blocking going on… just think of me as one of the guys ; )

the issue with arrogant simpletons
that they always
account for a possibility
of a superior or alternative
and taste.

Yes. And therefore: ilovephilosophy.com/viewtop … 0#p2801880 .

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Hey! wait a god-damn minute… I replied to Phon, and it was you who conversed first.

I’d say that your above post applies to you, as it’s a fitting description for you and your behaviour here.

Now we’ve got that straight, I’ll leave you be, Fick-witz

ouch you are way too clever for me…
like phone
and every other
internet jag-off

But when looking into it, don’t look into the ‘bore’ of the gun, for fear it might be a loaded gun.

…to go with a loaded question. Ba-dum tish!

are you speaking to yourself or some imaginary friend who can read your mind and decode these incoherent lunacies it produces?

Video removed due to profanity… I hadn’t heard the song all the way through before… I don’t subscribe to such profaneness.

I think we invent fear so as not to be bored .( to death)

If you think boredom to be bad, wait until you get seriously ill and they have to cut you up to poke at your insides. You lie there like a slob of meat, curled up, white lights before you eyes and morphine in your veins, floating on a little cloud thats on fire. I had a very bad accident when I was around 17 and I almost died, now I look at all petty pain and discomfort with a kind of a disdain and contempt.

I don’t think that we invent the fear, but that it creeps up on us to fill the void that boredom has opened up within our minds.

Our current global situation is helping intensify the process, to levels that have not been experienced before.

I just put fear within wider brackets, implying that in this nihilistic world devoid of what’s left of real feeling, experiencing something, even fear it’s self then experiencing nothing.

Too much of the pleasure principle has been reduced to the reality principle. The measure of things has been skewed toward too much reality, if that makes much sense.

[b]In Felix’s Wholeness thread I state [i]“…a bit of derealisation now and again can break up the monotony of existence every-so-often… a neural pause button, if you will. It takes One inward, to experience unique thoughts and feelings that One wouldn’t otherwise be inclined to entertain. A balance was struck, between a private inner world and an outward facing sociality.

…detachment from a reality that is difficult to cope with, is useful… especially if there are a few things that One is simultaneously having to cope with/adjust to. This makes sense… ensuring that stress, and cortisol, are minimised”.[/i][/b]

In psychology, you can feel boredom if you are holding your inner energy to action. For example, you have a desire, but you don’t realize it because you are scared, and so on. You don’t give your energy to the world, but you lock it away in yourself. And then appears boredom, laziness, and weakness. It is called retroflection in the gestalt approach.
Try to ask yourself what you really want? And think about how you can get it. Also, try to analyze what you want to do and don’t do it.
Listen to your emotions and feeling during your inner conversation.