Why is ILP dying?

I’ve been over at RD.net
It has no personality.
ILP has.
Then why is ILP dying and RD.net thriving?

I can only say that they are comforted by their fellow posters narrow-mindedness, and ignorance over there, but how can that be a a substitute for characters and personality?

why is it dying, exactly?

(I want to know how you came to this conclusion)

Posting frequency and the amount of people posting is dwindling, perhaps it is a recent and temporary slump, but others seem to be thriving.

Have you not noticed anything

Perhaps I’m imagining it?

No, you are not imagining it.

I feel like if somebody is going to say anything around here that it has to be me, because nobody is passionate about anything except me.

Passionate?.. :open_mouth:

You mean thorough, surely. Surely not passionate, that’s not very scientific.

I jest.

Pray explain why it is that you feel this way, RN.

I don’t know.

I think the feminization of man is castrating the balls off of every male human animal on the planet.

…just a shot-in-the-dark.

Are women not passionate?
My experience says that they are.

male passion is not a monopolising brand.


I have noticed that the number of active members has diminished. However, I hope this is temporary, I like this board.

Women don’t have balls and they suck at making war (i.e. arguments).

Notice how the females around ILP always avoid a fight, or when one starts, they quickly-call in reinforcements for help?

They just copy men anyway.

RU, did you ever , ever think that you might be obsessive over that and because of that it blocks your mind??? Seriously what other subjects float around up in your head that has nothing to do with gender based ideas?

There is no such thing as gender-neutrality, so I don’t know.

You are still under the delusion of Equality Kriswest; see here.

DID I mention equality, No, I asked if you might be obsessive your answer almost proves it. If you recall when you first got here we had quite a nice discussion about enlightenment, then you became obsessed about the differences of male female and have not let go. There are plenty of other needful topics to learn about and discuss. So why harp on one over and over and over? You are so much better then that, you proved that to me long ago.

…hopefully it’s just a temporary slump, Oran! 8-[

hasn’t ILP gone through that before, Mag? :-k

You mentioned ‘gender’-based ideas. What does gender have to do with anything!?

You brought it up, not me, not ironically. You play right into my hands without even trying…

I am obsessed with things that other people don’t want to talk about, because they are too afraid of it: truth.

The truth is, nothing is special anymore when all the great mysteries get solved…

If there “plenty of other” needful topics to learn about and discuss, then why haven’t you discussed them???

Interesting that it is me doing the posting and not you, isn’t it?

I need to harp on it until it is finished. I want to know if I’m right or not, because if I am right, then it means what I think it means.

I don’t want it to mean what I think it means…

Anyway, back to ILP dying, sorry for the deviation Oran…

I have been hearing about ILP’s imminent demise since I’ve been here.

RD.net is a very different place - there is no direct comparison.

Maybe if we exude positvity…oo, oo, I just got an idea. I’ll tell the people on other forums that we have pie… I’m a flipping genius…or is that flipper…? What if we invited flipper…?

Yes, I’m panicking.

your irrational derision of women leads me to further believe that you suffer from a post-traumatic mental illness, resulting from a kind of abandonment by a female figure you had opened yourself up to.
I’m not doing the amateur psychology bit, I’m speaking from experience, the same thing happened to me, but it was a male figure in my case, so I am derisive of men, but the principle is the same.

You should talk to a family member or to a psychologist, perhaps over the phone initially, as your apprehension to going outside will cause you to rationalise the irrational reasons for not going.

What are your opinions on whether this is temporary?
I agree that this is a forum, and that is a church, but the disparity is worrying, not just in a human sense…


I agree with you on RU.

but about RD.net, why do you call that place a ‘church’? :-k

No Tertiary; my mental illness is “life”-itself.

I have no real theory - but since we have a lot of college students, many of whom have been on vaycay until now, we could be experiencing something like the “Great Christmas Break Ski-Trip Posting Lull of '03”.

That was a crusher.