Why is ILP dying?

If Ilp is ill, then it is because the folks are in ruts, which occurs from time to time.

you know this place better than Oran and me, Faust.

Tell me, did this happen many times before?

unless you feel a discussion on this would go anywhere solid, then let us not discuss it anymore.

Because the atheist organisation tries to replace ‘‘the’’ church with their ‘‘church’’.
In other words, a place where certain things are considered fact, and the reverence of the the ideas of others comsume the members, and the same empty rhetoric is re-iterated again and again. Where if you do not accept their dogma then you are treated with hostility and derision.

RD.net is an anteroom in the atheist church.

Fab- I don’t keep track of the stats. But I often read posts to the effect that things were better in the past here. I have been reading them since I got here. I have not noticed such a trend in the site itself, but only in the comments I read.

I also read that the world was a better place in the past, and that things are getting worse. That the younger generation is worse than the older. That we are more violent or greedy than in the past. That government is worse than in the past. Everything is worse than it used to be. I have also not noticed that in real life. But that people have been writing such things since people began writing.

Yeah, that shit is annoyingly prevalent in popular consciousness since the dawn of time.

which probably means, Oran, that you had the wrong impression.

ILP is alive and well.

The “this place is dying” syndrome is pretty common to message boards that have been around more than a couple years - i’ve seen it elsewhere.

ILP doesn’t seem to be doing too bad, tho it can get a little sluggish - i do wish i could get more people to respond to my posts and engage in prolonged discussion - it’s like, either i make a post and it just sits there until the thread sinks off the page, or I make a post, get a response, respond back, and then never hear another word. Maybe i need to work on my charisma … i either feel ignored or like a thread-killer most of the time i’m here… but there are smarter and/or more interesting people here than at other places i’ve been, so i come back anyway

Case and point … crickets

I see nothing wrong with declining post count, declining members, etc.
I’d prefer to see fewer interesting posts than many many many many many friendly chatting.

That is why this place feels like a community, not a bloody lab.
The personality and friendliness is a counter-balance to the pretence, of which I’m sure I have been guilty, and which many other sites are inundated.

Just my preference, I suppose.
But I’m sure somebody else agrees…?

I guess so. :slight_smile:

Probably, everyone has somewhat different preference about the ratio of interesting posts vs mundane bubble.
But we have a section for mundane bubble, and we already know who write what, after a while. And some of mundane bubble is pretty interesting, too.
So, it’s not bad, for my taste.

Maybe RD.net is a bit more logical or trying to be so.
I like that type of style a bit better than poetic approach or a posts without much reasoning.
But they seem to be a bit closed minded to me.
I mean, I’m open to ESP or UFO or God/gods/dogon/dog/whateber. :smiley:
It’s not very interesting for me to talk with people who can’t see any possibility in crazy things.

where’s RD.net?


The only problem I have with this site (and by that I do not mean exclusively this site, it’s endemic across the internet) is that there is a lot of repetition of the same subjects, where the same opinions are expressed and very few people involved listen to each other, they just try to shout over each other.

Now, this is less true here than of the internet as a whole, but it still stands, especially as the community here, with its strong personalities and ideas, have developed their own subset of fixed ideas that get trotted out across multiple threads. As the novelty has worn off quite a lot of what comes up loses any interest for me.

Nor is it entirely bad or unavoidable. Some subjects are guaranteed to be repeated in new variations and lights, where the issues are changed slightly so to present a new perspective, however, unlike discussions in real life, I find these new perspectives much rarer on the internet.

Plus, I’m caught in an annoying Catch 22 where, with my time restricted by real life necessities, the most interesting posts, those I am most incited to respond to, generally demand more in depth and longer responses; ones which I do not have the time to write.

So I lurk, but rarely contribute.

The disadvantage to having a really really busy and popular message board, like RichardDawkins.net, is that most people only respond to the first post, for pages and pages and pages.

I call this a disadvantage because it’s the conversation that most interests me, not everybody’s differing opinion on the same thing. Dialogue leads to progress, or at least enlightenment beyond the initial point.

Often times, too, people will post the exact same response over, and over, and over, because they don’t read through the thread to see what’s been said before.

Here, that rarely happens, although I do wish there was a slightly bigger audience here…

But I see new faces quite often, so…