Why is it that...

80% of what I read here is some existential bullshit or some socio-political opinion spewing, and then when I post a topic that’s on current philosophical discourse it goes completely unanswered? I wanna talk about philosophers that are still alive!! If I say that Nietzsche, God, and Marx are all dead can we just get past that sophmoric horseshit and move on to something intellectually stimulating?
Enough mental masturbation!!

I’m sorry. This might be better for the rant house. This is what happens when I run low on pot. It’s rare, but it happens.

Still at the airport?


Still high?


How do you know?

It’s an article of knowlege only verifiable by comparison to my private mental state.

I’ll take your word for it.

What would you find to be interesting subjects Smears?

The limitations of understanding in so far as they apply universally to every possible subject.




You do need smoke. Try lacing that doobie with resin next time.

varnished doobies burn faster


Not if its moist resin from a bong, the high lasts longer and is more intense, especially if you use Sens laced with resin from creepweed

is that why charlie played his fiddle better than the devil?


Durn tootin :laughing: back when I was a kid and smokin we had different recipes for joints for different occasions.

The weed I’ve got right now is some Florida crippy. Every time I come to Miami I have a big bag waiting for me. Too bad I can’t smoke at the airport, or take it through customs onto a cruise ship. I made this new year’s resolution to smoke every day this year, and for the last 4 or 5 days it simply wasn’t a possibility. Apparently I get very cranky when I can’t smoke. Who would have thought?

I believe the allegory of the cave would apply to this subject.

Here’s a topic- what is lacking about your life that pot replaces? You gotta question everything- there is an answer to that question that only you will be able to answer… I still say try the glued quarter idea instead.

I ask the same thing to myself about niccotine. :laughing: