Why is my ex texting me?

I had a bad break up with an ex and then we got back in touch and now he sends me texts every night and we send texts to each other every day now. Does this mean anything or is he just being friendly or whatever?

Why don’t you ask him? The problem in relationships is people do not communicate properly. Stop trying to guess at what the other’s purpose is. If you’re confused than confirm with the guy.

why the hell is this the only kind of thing you ever post here? just dumb bull shit about how you don’t know what to do during every-day life. i understand this is mundane babble, but…that’s all you do here. you babble about mundane shit. you could do that anywhere. you could do that on yahoo! answers. you could do that on omegle or chat roulette. what’s the point of coming here if that’s all that you’re going to do? i don’t understand.

lol, lol

Friendly reminder: PG is a puppet here at ILP.

She’s been the resident village idiot for the last 5 years or so.

Yes, you heard right. PG is not real.

She most likely belongs to a male with a penis and hairy testicles who gets his only amusement in life by pretending to be a dumb teenage girl.

I agree with Satyr.

Would you please respond to Humpty’s rant below and take him out of his human misery? I think he needs a catharsis and the public has a right to know.

N.B. It may mean that neither of you have a real life. :laughing:

Ooo so he’s going to keep following me around making snide remarks…


Maybe the next thing you know he’ll be making fun of my fat cheeks and square face,

or he’ll call me an attention whore,

or a copy of Satyr,

or maybe he’ll act like he doesn’t care about what I say and try to mock my every word while caring about what I say and paying endless amounts of attention on me.

So many options, so little to choose from!

Or maybe he’ll start texting you.


Okay, so he texts you, but why do you text him back…? It seems like a co-evolutionary stalk to me.

I can vouch that PG is very real, and very female, and very pretty.

Hope things work out for you the way you want them to PG :wink:

oh, she’s pretty, that explains why she can’t think about anything much deeper than this

lol, I can be the thinking one for both of us. Holla at me PG wheneva you feel like it. :slight_smile:

PG is inadvertently validating sexist stereotypes. good job PG. way to go.

Weeeeeeeell… :confusion-shrug:

Photos can be fake. Have you met her in real life? Heard her voice?

In the years I’ve seen PG on this forum all evidence suggests that she’s a complete farce. She has the mentality of a small child. I honestly believe that no girl can be that dumb. Not possible.

And chances are she’s quite a number of years older than me considering I started posting here at 14. Why has she not changed in the slightest? Why don’t we know more about her? Why does she always post stupid stuff like this?

I think she went out on a date with another member here ages ago - James No2, who also vouched for her three-dimensionality. She’s real enough, the world is broad and long, plenty of room to produce the odd PG.

:laughing: Oh, yeah. I remember that. Didn’t she flip out on him on the boards about oral or something like that?

Probably. Anyway - she’s here, let’s ask her.

James No2 could very well be our puppeteer :mrgreen:

You mean he’s got his hand stuck up her…