Why NATO? Economically the US and the EU are deadly enemies!

Your message brings up an interesting, and yet unexplored theme, as to why, the US as a union seems to hold together, monetarily, economically and socially, and ever since the Civil War, there have not been major calls for cresses soon, except by the Lone Star Stae, Texas, which did not garner much support anyway. The Irish push for independence was much more serious.

Which, if Your prescription be taken as a basis, for unification, that selfishness and greed and jealousy be the stumbling blocks to a successful unification in thr EU, can a conclusion be reached that the USA lacks those features? Or, is there something else going on? Perhaps a very deep underlying crack in the very foundation of it? (Whereas, the foundation in the USA is a mere 250 years? Did a couple of centuries conformed the cracks, whereas in Europe ,yearning for unity based on repeated attempts, 2000+ years have not proved sufficient.

This is puzzling, and perhaps has to do with the social contract it’s self, that all knowledge really, was born there, the cradle of civilization, notwithstanding the very early Egyptians, Chinese?

Many questions abide here, and perhaps it is best to look at the big picture, of changing winds of feasible
effecting differing places in different qualitative ways?