Why NATO? Economically the US and the EU are deadly enemies!

Ahem … No. The US nation does not lack those features, but does lack them less than the EU, because an EU nation does not exist. The United States of America are an empire too, but they are also a nation or at least something like that. Yet the European Union is no nation but merely an empire. And there are no “United States of Europe”, because the European nations are not united. If they were, then each of them would be no nation anymore. I know that the rulers of the EU try to eleminate the European nations, because they want to create those “United States of Europe” (after the model of the United States of America). They try it in order to get an European nation (after the model of the US nation). But I am pretty sure that they will not be successful with that attempt. Europe is just Europe, and that means (like it or not): a bunch of many nations.

Yes. If you want to create a nation, you need (a) time enough, (b) an authoritarian state, (c) both.

Yes. But note: The premises must be given (see above).

Different cultures have different histories, different politics, thus also different philosophies of politics. Therefore I point to one of my other threads: “Occidental Philosophy versus Oriental Philosophy”.