Why NATO? Economically the US and the EU are deadly enemies!

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Not really. They are way too intermeshed. And the corporations/financial institutions running them are buddies if not, often, the same. Not that this makes for an argument for nato.

They are only as long “buddies” as their interests are the same, but their interests are not always the same. I remind you of one bankruptcy example that happened in 2008: the bankruptcy of the Lehman Brothers, the fourth-largest investment bank in the United States; the filing remains the largest bankruptcy filing in US history, with Lehman holding about $ 640 billion in assets (|=>). There are no real “buddies”. In the deepest reality there are only everyone-against-everyone-fighters. Everyone wants to be a monopolist.

The main beneficiary of a war is almost always the same who started it.

Who was the main beneficiary of the two world wars?

Who will be the main beneficiary of the third world war?

The same.

The United States need a war because of their extreme debt - like their debt before the 1st and the 2nd World War. After the 1st World War they had no debts anymore (exploitation of Germany - reparations, robbery of German patents, technologies and other German assets, values), and after the 2nd World War they had no debts anymore (exploitation of Germany - reparations, robbery of German patents, technologies [even scientists, engineers and so on {|=> |=>}] and other German assets, values; and this robbery was the biggest robbery of all time) and their Dollar system became the Dollar Empire. Now the United States have again extreme debt, so …

“Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam” - Marcus Porcius Cato Censorius, a.k.a.: Cato the Elder (234-149).

Since 146 B.C. :


NATO is an extension of the United States military apparatus.

All of Europe is the United States prison bitch. End of story.

All empirical extensions end some day.

Also panem et circenses:

Just not soon enough…

Where the NATO? The NATO is a defensive alliance!

Is the NATO what you call the “theater of the absurd”?


Yes, but those people want the set up to be such that their class is given the greatest concentrated power and that life is harsh for everyone else. They are not nice people. They are psychopaths, but they want the world to move in a similar direction. They want privitization of everything, all of them. They want transnational organizations like the WTO, say, or IMF, or the new pacific states trade thingy, to have the power to override governments. They want the finance sector as unregulated as possible. And so on. So while they snarl at each other like the reptile brain driven people they are, they work together all the time. They want a grey, destroyed, desperate for most, highly controlled world and together they work towards this. Many people do not realize that they are working for this agenda. Most do not realize it.

You have a cynical position, but I actually think there might be worse motives for heading towards WW3.

And they have a cynical position.

All that is known, yes.

The cynical position is on the side of the the beneficiaries and especially of the the main beneficiaries of the wars; so they have a cynical position (see above), the most cynical position ever, Moreno.

Which motives do you mean? The main motive is always power (might; because of always having a will to might and a will to night), and that means: control - by (for example) divide et imperea, panem et circenses, cynism, lies, fraud, violence, murder, wars, terror, terrorism, fear, torture, enslavement, racism, dysgenics, corruption, blackmail, extortion, indoctrination, indignation … and so on … and so on …

Europe has almost twice as many inhabitants as the United States. If the 28 European small armies were under a single command, then Europe had the largest military force in the world. And - of course - the competitors, rivals, enemies of Europe love it to have to deal with a disunited Europe and disunited European nations. The more so-called „refugees“ come to Europe, the more unstable Europe is to the delight of Europe’s rivals (competitors, enemies). Therefore - for example - Obama praises Merkel.

One day you will be able to look up who has steered the refugees.

Europe will never become the “United States of Europe” as some European idiots say but it will become the most chaotic territory of all time if the Europeans will furthermore do what their rivals (competitors) want them to do.

The US is actually the model of this chaos. You have cities going bankrupt. Regions without water. Masses of poor people. Deserted towns and cities. More and more homeless. People working harder and harder for less and less. Extreme disagreements about how things should be handled. All under an oligarchy still skimming.

This should remind you of - for example - the Great Depression which led to the Second World War.

Can you give some examples with numbers and facts - just in order to compare them with the situation in Europe or elsewhere?

no… when they happen to disagree, it is just a gimmick to stir the pot and polarize opinions for their own ends

do you assume that the great depression happened out of the blue?

i think that with all this new technology the future is very dark and scary if we don’t cooperate, as we could destroy the planet and make it inhabitable with our pointless conflicts over trivial things

best to just make peace and get along, so no, US and EU are not deadly enemies and should work to solidify their alliance, not break it!

Europe is a colony of the United States military and financial hegemony. End of the story.

No. Of course: No. If you read my other posts, then you will know it.