Why science is the evil of which the priests warned

It does not matter how many times you say a falsehood: it does not get more true by repeating it.

Information is the whole process, whereas understanding is merely a part of it. You do not need to know or to understand the informations you give. For example: I have got Information about you, but you do not know and possibly not understand this information. Another example: trees do not know and not understand the information they give and get. Many many other examples can be given. Most living beings are without understanding but with information. And these most living beings do what is true or false, although or, better, because they are not capable of understanding, knowing, thinking - but capable of giving and getting information. They do not need to know and to understand what true or false is - they just do it (and mostly with more success than those “higher” living beings with with knowing and understanding).

You, WW III Angry, are the one who needs to look deeper into the matter.