If nothing changes in any situation should one even acknowledge any thing said at all?
It would be grateful to come to terms on a matter but one that seems to continue looks pretty damn pointless!
So lets all just go mad and attack something and not give meaning anymore! It’s meaningless!
Know that each one of us know the difference from actions rather than words and so challenge me and I might let down on here. :arrow_right:
I’ll try and not let my emotions get the better of me from now on and still look at situation from afar and let it progress or regress softly but loudly.

Nothing changes in any situation?
Everything is always changing, and what you say has a big effect on it. I’m not saying people should go around just speaking and not doing, but in a sense, speaking is doing. Just think about it.

It is a question of the amount of time between action and reaction. If you expect that any statment will have an immediate reaction and others will be instantly swayed by the conviction and correctness of the logic you offer, then you will constantly be mistaken. However, contrary to what Hollywood would like us to believe, there are very few “Eureka” moments in which one individual is immediatly convinced to change their opinion. Instead it is through the constant application of correct thought which will allow the individual to overcome the emotional attachment to incorrect thought.

Are you suggesting Apathy as an acceptable course of action?