Why u.s. does not have health care

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It is very important to let the people know that the whole Occidental culture has become nihilistic, decadent, and one of many political weapons for destroying the own culture is an extreme anti-family policy, which includes an extreme anti-genealogistic, thus also an extreme anti-tradionalistic policy, an extreme hostility to children, an extreme support of abortion, of divorces, of misandry, of homosexuality, of genderism, of autoracism (racism against the own race), of multiculturalism, of »non-traditional marriages«, of individualism in the sense of singledom, isolation … and so on. We can call this the „dictatorship of the modern totaliarianism with its three main parts liberalism, communism, fascism/globalism (global-fascism).

First of all, „liberalism“ is just a word. And it is a word that is almost always used rhetorically. The lies and deception of the totalitarian liberalism are quite obvious. Almost everyone can now know that „liberty“ in the sense of freedom is only meant for merely a few people, whereas the rest as the mass of all people have to accept that, so that one can rightly say: „liberalism is just another bad totalitarianism - akin to communism (socialism of the extreme leftists) and fascism (socialism of the extreme rightists)“. Liberalism is the first one of the three main totalitarian ideologies of modern times. So one can dialectically say that liberalism is the thesis, communism the antithesis, global-fascism (a.k.a.: globalism) the synthesis. Globalism (a.k.a… global-fascism) contains liberalism and communism. This synthesis is the current era of the Occidental culture.

You have less health care and other cares in countries (e.g. in the USA) where liberalism is more (more than communism) integrated in globalism than you have in countries (e.g. in EU countries) where communism is more (more than liberalism) integrated in globalism. This does not mean that communism is better than liberalism, but it means that if the first and the third evil come together more closely (which is much more likely) than the first and the second or the second and the third evil there is always less health care and other cares. All three evils have nevertheless some good parts and play their rules in the evil game, and if one evil is more integrated than the other evil, then one evil is more missed than the other evil, which means that also the good parts of the evil that is more missed are more missed than those of the other evil.

We - the Occidentals - have our own, our special forms, thus our Occidental forms of those evil ideologies of our modernity.

And there is a special (national) one of the special (cultural) one in the USA.

"Nice prospects!“ :evilfun:

When they tell you that you should be "optimistic“, then just do not care, because all totalitarians say that, and they say that, because they want you to be stupid!