Why You Are Here

Right, most are here to consume and imbibe wisdom. The production of philosophy is rarer and requires distinct characteristics of individuals. Artistry is involved on many levels. But of course the core value is Reason. Without reasoning, advanced thought, then philosophy does not go far. And it is the reasoning faculty that, by popular decree, separates humanity from mere animals. Thus the ability to reason must not be underestimated.

Great philosophers are remarkable and easily recognized by such raw abilities. Philosophers have put the most amount of thought, reason, and examination into the most pivotal and important questions of life. Thus it seems that wisdom overflows from philosophers, and then consumed by the masses. Religion eventually stepped between the two and mediated the relationship between wisdom, wise men, and those of the general public. The religious agents of previous millenniums also became ‘politicians’. Thus religious agents and politicians are very much the enforcers of wisdom. And the wisdom they use has been garnered and collected from sources across centuries.

Consumers place trust in philosophers and philosophy, without even realizing it. It won’t make sense to many why and how they believe in god, or their world views, or hold core values, or have a distinct metaphysics. And the masses don’t really need to make sense of it. Because there is the action of life (representing the Body), versus the contemplation of life (representing the Mind).

A most fundamental lesson is obvious. If your thoughts betray you. If you are wrong and false. Then anything you do with your body, your actions throughout life, will be flawed as well. Any ‘good’ you accomplish would be pure accident, because it was never from what you originally intended (from false premises). This is how people invert their perspective and values, and end up justifying their means in reverse.

Some people, who give up on intelligence and thinking early in life, will then speak much about luck and fortune. That whether anybody does good, bad, or evil, is merely fate rather than what people intend.

Those with the highest intelligence, however, recognizing the causes and reasons underneath existence, will know better. It’s not a matter of luck. It’s a matter of understanding.

K: besides me, I wonder who the other three are? :-"



Here are the other three:


Pandora, you seem to be describing cunning here ~~ not wisdom.

Wisdom to me has more to do with the natural and right flow of a moral and ethical life and how to carry that out for the good of all.
Wisdom has the maturity and intelligence to carefully and deliberately do no harm but to do the greatest good.

The other is again cunning.

So what would you say, surreptitious, is the missing link or ingredient here - whereby a wise one will have knowledge but the knowledgeable one may not be wise?

What does wise Yoda have to give to the brilliant student?

Arc wrote,

I don’t see the connection between “natural”, “ethical”, “good for all” and “do no harm”. The closest concept to that in nature would be balance, but that has nothing to do with any of the other concepts. For instance, in nature, balance may imply harm to many. The problem with man is that he always sees himself as an exception. He IS nature and all is made in harmony with his views, which he then calls wisdom.

I come here to spar, to try to get people to poke holes in my philosophy and to test how it will hold up to the kind of thinking or otherwise that others might apply to it. I try to doubt my thoughts as much as possible as I gather them together, but there will always be ways of which I do not think and I want my ways to be as infallible as possible.

Urwrongx1000, urwrongx1000. I think you speak for your self :slight_smile:

Yes, you do. I recognize it (as I just mentioned on another thread). :sunglasses:

A good post.

I’m just here to try and gentrify this place and to leave nuggets of my wisdom for you guys to consume. No need to thank me. Your consumption of said nuggets over the years is thanks enough.


I don’t click on youtube or link responses.

If you want to respond then go ahead with text.

Here’s an example of human wisdom in action, for the good of all:

Nobody wants to accept the possibility that epidemics might be a nature’s way to restore population balance. But, no, human life is too precious. We better turn everybody gay, instead.

You may have a point about my having inserted the word “natural” there along with " right flow of a moral and ethical life and how to carry that out for the good of all."
Perhaps there is nothing which comes natural to the second part of that.
Leading a moral and ethical life is not necessarily that natural or easy or without struggle.

Balance is a good word but I do not know, Pandora. Balance may not be the answer to everything but my subjective thinking is that it can help the cause of a moral and ethical life as opposed to being a hedonist and a narcissist who cares nothing for anyone.

True, in nature balance can imply harm to others. If you are speaking for instance of survival of the fittest in the animal kingdom, there is no morality or ethics there. Just nature being nature. Yes, there is harm to many unfortunately but there is also gain to many, no?

Animals are experimented on (I love animals) so that humans can lead a disease-free and healthy life. I cannot be reconciled to that either way. I just do not know what the answer is except for as much compassion as possible and as you say -balance. Too simplistic though, right?
There are no easy answers. Perhaps all we can do is try to find more of a balance.
Can we do better than that? I do not know.

:-k This one kind of has me stymied. I can go along with that in part, Pandora.
At the same time, do you think that there can be a difference between actual wisdom and one who strives to exercise that, to be that ~~ and ~~ what would be considered to be someone else’s own brand of so-called wisdom or the right thing to do - if that made sense to you.

Maybe it all comes down to how much we want to utilize our consciousness and conscience.
There are so many questions without answers.

One of the greatet movie quotes of all time. :laughing:

You are here, surreptitious, so actually you are a participant. You respond to posts et cetera. You may not get deeply involved with people but you do get involved in some sense.

It seems to me that any observer also participates. What does he/she participate in?
An inter-connectedness, to me, between who observes and what it is which is observed.

I sit on a park bench and simply observe a tree ~~ no thoughts just seeing…just being there.
Do you see no relationship, no participation between the observer, myself, and that tree?

Ich und Du.

Why do you always say that you have no wisdom?
It is one thing to shout it to the world as many do but it is another thing to simply allow what you may intuit at times without denying it or confirming it.

I like this forum primarily because its not an echo chamber which is definitely something philosophy should not be
Seriously heavy discussions with no moderation either so there is no interruption to the healthy exchange of ideas

I say it simply because its true and also because its good and actually
necessary to be aware of ones own limitations whatever they may be

I am here in order to tell you that China is great again and the USSA is its colony.

The other reasons why I am here are philosophical reasons.

Have a nice day.

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