Why does something need a reason? Why cant it just plain and simple be.

Do you go to work simply because you feel like it, for no particular reason? Do you tie your shoes because you feel like it?

This mountain exists. It exists because the techtonic plates are moving into each other, forcing rock upward into a mound.

Why did Persephone free the key maker? Because of the lipstick the Merovingian was still wearing.

Cause and effect.

If there were no reasons for things happening then they wouldn’t happen. There would be no reason. I think the issue is that people need to or want to know what the reason is. Curiosity I suppose.

Try to come up with something that can’t fit this model:

Why did X happen?
Because of Y

If Y = NULL then you’ve got a pickle. That would violate the 3rd law of Newtonian mechanics; and also it would violate the law of conservation of energy/mass/mass-energy.

The first step is to accept that there is a Y. Then you have to figure out what it is.

Then wouldnt you reach a point when there is no more why, if not it would go in a circle eventually and why something is would be the same reason it is, x would = x

Human beings create dichotomies. Through these creations we can meaningfully shape our interactions with our environment.

So is this to say that we create all meaning

Thats called recursion. Its a bad thing.

The water i just drank came out of a water bottle which was shipped and packaged by Zephyrhills, who purchased the material from a plastic company, who processed fossil fuels that they got from deep underground deposits left millions of years ago by dead plants and animals, whose atoms came from other plants and animals, whose atoms came from other plants and animals, whose atoms came from other plants and animals, whose atoms came from other plants and animals, … whose atoms came from pre-life earth and space metals, whose atoms came from interstellar chaoses, whose atoms came from (supposedly) an expansion of space and time from the “big bang”, whose atoms came from a place that scientists are trying to figure out.

I think “cause” is a more practical word to use in this regard. “Reason” implies conscious intervention by a separate entity. The dominoes in a domino track (aside from the first one) don’t fall over for any particular reason per-se, but the falls sure as shit have a cause.

well then why does everything have a cause, you’ll find that somethings just dont, or searching for one will ill only lead to the same thing again

Do you have an example?

well if there is a god, then god wouldnt have a reason or cause

That is a question that I ask everyday Zero and one of the realities why I see reason as cruel or self defeating.

How many chimeras have been spun under the heel of reason since its inception?

This is one reason why I admire primitive tribal cultures and animals because they live in simple being where we do not.

How do you know?

God is a unsubstantiated assumption. There is no need for verification in rejection.

But according to some (cough), believing in an unsubstantiated assumption means that the assumption becomes substantial.

Sorry I don’t know what you mean.

All they have is blind faith.

That is exactly the problem.

Much like the theory of life that science has

Zero, icecicles have no reason they just are. Crush them add some flavor and you have a smile.

They might not have a reason for being there, but their existence was caused by something.