Wicca:What I believe in.

I am a Wiccan. Wiccans believe that the being that created this universe was a woman. She created the planets stars sun moon earth. Then in loneliness she created a mate this Man populated the earth she had created he brought forth animals of all kind and humans. Then the watched their creations go forth in life.(there is much more to the beliefs of how they started but if you really would like to know more leave a post and your thoughts on this relegion)

What do you mean by ‘woman’? Do you mean She has a physical body, with physical gender elements, or do you mean that She thinks/behaves the way a woman stereotypically thinks/behaves (and what is that)?

how much drugs does it take to maintain these beliefs?

It’s far less obsurd to believe a woman created the universe than a man did. And the Wiccan Goddess, as I understand, is ment to repreasent the archetype of all goddesses, as is the Horned God, they also represent sort of taoist ideas of creative/destructive forces.

Isn’t applying a gender to God absurd in the first place?

I can’t comprehend how one can mantain faith in beliefs such as these.

Isn’t applying a God even absurder in the firster place.

Isn’t applying the application of the possibility of any of this even more absurd?

Maybe. Show me why.

No, figure it out on your own.

upon hearing the popular statement, “Tis an ill wind that blows no minds” the wind that was blowing at the time shouted, “Blow your own damn minds!”

Sorry, I apparently misinterpreted why you are here.

thinking young-

.(there is much more to the beliefs of how they started but if you really would like to know more leave a post and your thoughts on this relegion)

My thoughts are: your religion is as valid (or invalid) as any of the others.

Allow me one question though. Why did you decide to believe this religion over others? Sometimes personal examination of that question can tell you more about yourself than the religion can.

Pope Lanky Wanky KSC-

It’s far less obsurd to believe a woman created the universe than a man did.

For what reasons?


I can’t comprehend how one can mantain faith in beliefs such as these.

As soon as you realize why you reject thinking_young’s religion, you’ll also realize why she rejects yours.



That would be somewhat difficult due to the fact that I dont have one.

I forget who you are paraphrasing. But I believe it was meant about religions in general.


That would be somewhat difficult due to the fact that I dont have one.

My apologies, I incorrectly assumed you were religious. Still, you can’t comprehend it? As a skeptic, even I can comprehend why people subscribe to different religions.


I forget who you are paraphrasing. But I believe it was meant about religions in general.

I don’t remember his name either. I meant it about religions in general. What do you think I meant?



Notice that thinking_young never came back after this post? What the fuck, I’ll just dogpile 'em too.

Modern Paganism is crap. How can you be a Pagan if you don’t fucking sacrifice something? If all you do is focus your will into your magick wand all day and don’t go out and sacrifice at least a chicken to the gods, you are not a proper pagan.

Here’s something interesting - originally Pagan meant somebody from the country and it was In opposition to Christian, which was an urban religion.
Yet, now, Christianity is not typically as strong in urban areas as it is in rural ones and the “pagans” (I giggle as I write the word) are all found in cities.

just some trivia

For a start, what’s wrong with drugs? I mean, if my favourite authors, artists and musicians weren’t on drugs then I wouldn’t buy their stuff - it would suck.

Secondly, I thought this was an opinionated forum, not simply for people to say “You don’t agree with me so you’re a drug addict.”

God came down from heaven and He did this and He did that and everybody revered Him for all the things that He had done. If god is some omnicient being then maybe it is absurd to call him or or her him or her, but then, maybe people feel more comfortable with a him or her. After all, revering an it sounds a bit creepy. Not to mention that it’s much less to do with the gender (my opinion) than Christians use the image of the father throughout everything while Wiccans revere MOTHER nature, hence the female.

Beliefs such as what, that something created the universe and populated it thereafter? Beliefs such as these have been propogated to us since we we and our ancestors were born back for thousands of years, if you don’t believe in some form of creator then scarce few other belief systems are available to you.

Rejection of you not having a religion is as valid as rejection of a chosen religion, what difference does it make?

Are you saying that you can’t worship the Goddess without killing her creations? People need to stop labelling their beliefs and following everything that everyone who believed in them before them said - make up your own minds. If you don’t think killing animals is the right way to woship something then just because someone else did in the past doesn’t mean you have to. Screw being the ‘proper pagan’ and be yourself, worship whoever or whatever you want in the best way that you see fit.

I have no idea whether I’m right on this one or not this is just what I always assumed - isn’t paganism older than Christianity, and therefore how can the term Pagan mean ‘In opposition to Christian’? I could be wrong though I don’t have like a list of dates or anything.

Back to the original question, I believe that man evolved from the simplest cell in existance into the plague that it is today (and in my own warped opinion with that very very simple cell still residing somewhere in the centre of it’s brain). I’m also a modern Satanist because it made more sense than anything else I had read, and being formerly a Christian (until I lost my faith) I have read a number of things now. Therefore I believe in self worship rather than a higher power, though I always liked the Wiccan version of Creationism whether I believed it or not.

Oh, and if not attending Black Masses and not sacrificing Babies and not worshiping the devil makes me some kind of half assed Satanist (I said modern) then I don’t really care. If I’m wrong, then me and Jesus will crack open a beer and have a good laugh about it one day.

common misconception that in order to be a good musician you have to be high. absolutely fracken ridiculous. Some of the greatest musicians in history didn’t drown their pain with drugs and wrote much better songs because of it.

think of it this way, had hendrix not tried to drown his pain with drugs he would’ve written FAR more music.

the “he” typically is because a male is writing that particular book about god, so they tend to apply human characteristics to something that is not human at all. like pagans and wiccans apply female characteristics to the earth, calling the earth “mother”, and the “goddess”. It’s just sexocentric religion. Nothing wrong with it, just need to realize what it is.

so follow your own path, not someone else’s. If you don’t find a belief system that fits you why as you put it “choose one that scarcely fits”. There’s no written rule that you have to follow any set path.

In my opinion most of life’s twisty curvy roads, all lead to the same point.

either we will all die.

or we will all “move on”

Now, I go smash!!!

Okay. The problem with wicca is that it’s fundamentally just the inverse of the totalizing, universalist crap thinking/theology that got us here in the first place. yeah Goddess! But nobody ever considers that they are worshipping a modern creation who is the inverse of the Old Christian “Father”. At least Christianity’s God falls into something almost “archetypal”. all the Indo-European religions (and Christianity is more Greek and therefore IE than Islam or Judaism) have a sky god, father figure, a god from someplace - Wicca? Its Goddess is bland pablum that takes On the characteristics of whatever the worshipping hippie wants it to.
The Goddess is crap, a figment of modernist imagination absolutely without the violence or rooted concreteness that characterizes true religious experience. Fucking wicca is a scam, man. Go become A pentecostal, at least the spirit will actually move your ass there and not some Crap Nowhere enlightenment gibberish that comes from half assed interpretations of archaeology. Jesus do you even know where this shit comes from? You’re wicca but do you know its history? Have you read Robert Graves? Have you read Marija Gimbutas? Have you read Georges Dumezeil to understand what Graves and Gimbutas are trying to fight against when they present the Religion of Old Europe against the Religion of the Indo-Europeans?

I hate wicca and modern paganism because it’s a fucking mall religion with out any rigor or understand of the real power and violence that a real religion contains. Wicca is a religion for unstudied protestants that wanna piss off their parents.

Did you catch I can’t stand wicca and “Paganism”? At least the Heathen Asatru freakos are trying to do it right, human sacrificing nazis that they are

Sorry, didn’t mean to be a dick but it was a joke in the first place, so there wasn’t much to explain. You just got caught in the crossfire of my idiocy and I apologize.

Floyd, you asked me why it is less absurd to believe in a female creator than a male creator… Because Females are defined by their ability to give birth and “create” life. But a male component is necessary, that’s why they threw in the horned God.

And before christianity all the Romans worshiped the Greek Gods, but with different names, and the word “heathen” was used by the Roman city folk who had heard “the good news” and converted to refer to the country folk who still lived by the hearth (thus heathen) who hadn’t gotten word of the new religion yet.

And Hermes 3G, wicca and neopaganism isn’t just for protastants who wanna piss off their parents, its also for catholics who wanna piss off their parents. And you’re right, none of them realize that Wicca was invented in the 1950s. or was it the '40s?

And a message to all you Wiccans out there: Convert to Discordianism Today! Absolute magical freedom, none of this karma crap! We have the law of Fives, two better than the three fold law! We also worship a goddess! No creepy knives needed, unless you really like 'em!