i believe in wicca and have several friends that criticise me and yes they are christian but i have researched several different ideas and it makes sense to me. any ideas? :smiley: :confused:

i know a witch living a few kilometers away from here, she teaches my little sister drama/word
very cool, she has this little shop, too

but the fact that it is not a mass religion and is considered as being crasy and insane but it makes just as much sense as the majority of other religions to me. any arguements?

Xtians regard Wicca as a quasi-religion. One of the reasons being that Wicca is an unorganized religion. You don’t see a community of Wiccans building a temple down the street from where you live, do you? This is because Wiccans profess that they don’t need a roof above them to celebrate their faith. The Earth is their temple, their church, their place of worship, and thus they do not require the need to amass money to form a congregation intent on making structures that are unnecessary.

It is unto this that I make the funny, but so true comment, that Xtianity is not only the biggest, but quite possibly the only organized pagan religion in existence. That is of course, unless someone wants to start worshiping the gods and goddesses of Greece and Rome again… :wink:

Once being Wiccan, it is interesting to note, that I chose Hades as my God, and Hecate as my Goddess. See, it is traditional to have a father god, and mother goddess in Wicca. I chose the ones that would make the most matcheable and interesting combination. Its like playing match-maker for the gods when you are Wiccan. :stuck_out_tongue:

I used to be a wiccan but I realized you actually had to do stuff, and it just got boring.

I found it was a phase, many others do not.

I now believe strongly their is no God. I apply occams razor to life and it seems science explains it much simpler than God.

Well, the other reason is because some guy made it up in 1960 or so to cash in on youthful rebellion, and yet it claims to have (completely unsubstantiated) ties to 'ancient beliefs'.  But don't let the facts stop you, you're on a Crusade!

Hades and Hecate…what a match…! Makes me wonder how they met! I always thought Hades had the hots for Persephone. Let’s see…

Lilith and Sameal - The baddest-ass couple that ever graced the universe…these two are the epitomy of badness…to quote some guy off the Hitler Channel, they are “bad, bad, bad, bad, bad.”
Zeus and Hera - She’s his wife, he’s her brother. They may be King and Queen of the Gods, but they sure beat out everyone else on divine incest.
Shu and Tefnut - The first godly couple in Egyptian pantheism spawned by Atum who symbolized air and moisture.

Wow that has got to be the dumbest thing ever said. For one if you think this is true I would like to see some proof! Secondly I am not a rebel I am a conformist in all other ways than wiccan. Right now im studying natural magic and druidry because wicca didnt seem to fit my lifestyle. If wicca wasnt based on “ancient beliefs” where else would they get all the history and books that are older than most of us hmmmmmmmm. If your going to throw accusations around I want PROOF PROOF PROOF.

Wicca is basicly just christianity with a twist of lemon. Imaginary friends are imaginary friends, regardless of what atribute you give them.

“Older than most of us” = “ancient”? Hmmmmm.



So, like I said, it was made up in the 50's (sorry, I said 60's- does 50's count as 'ancient'?) by some guy (Gardener) who claims to have connections to 'ancient sources' that he never was able to prove, and pretty much everyone- except a few wiccans who haven't read about the source of their own faith- believes he made wicca up using elements in the writings of his comtemporaries like Crowley, with a very few parts of 'inspired by' actual pagan faiths to give it that flavor of rustic legitimacy so appealing to folks.  You should know, I'm not claiming anything that the majority of actual wiccans don't already acknowledge- there's really nothing here to get steamed about.

Crowley was a freakish madman. Even Gardner thought so, 'eh?

Eh, maybe for the times. There’s millions just like him now- though they usually grow out of it before they hit 30. Or is there something freakish about Crowley I don’t know about, that sets him apart?

Wicca is a kind of a mix of a lot of religions, modern religions and ancient ones, and even if he was a mad guy, and his reasons weren’t the best, I would believe in Wicca, even if he was a serial killer and just wanted people to believe he was against killing any living being, or and christians are agains killing people and do them and I’m not speaking of all christians, and I would believe in wicca because that’s what I believed in and I could even create a new religion, or maybe another belief if mine wasn’t considered a religion, but I believe in what I want and I think is correct, and I’m an eclectic wiccan. So kat_Pinter, even if what they said is true, you don’t need to question what you believe in, but you should question what you believe in if you have any doubts and think you may not believe in that, because what you believe in is your problem and of you alone and you can believe in what you, but I believe we don’t choose what we believe in.

Every belief is questionable which is why you should challeneg everything you believe. Though in the end your own personal and very individual decision must be made.

Isn’t the idea, “Everything is questionable,” just another questionable idea?

So Xanderman are you inclined to ‘go with the flow’ of everything in modern life? Questioning Everything including question this idea is acceptable if you choose to do so but you’ll find yourself running circles, unless what your saying is You oppose Questioning Everything? In which case would make me believe you choose to follow the ideas of others instead of choosing your own ideas.

Now of course I know this not to be true by having read many of your threads so I won’t go that far. I know where your response was coming from but isn’t it logical to assume that you must question all ideas before coming to a logical conclusion that your own ideas are no longer questionable to yourself?

Yes, Lasko, you are right.

“attained realization of God, may He be glorified, by the dissolution of resolutions, and by the solution of complexities.”

Imam Ali (a)

I have met some supposed Wiccans online who have been “crassy”.

So what is it about that practice that entices you, and why are you here asking for rebuttals?

Is that practice anything more than a power play? And how does it bring dignity to human life?

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