Will a magnet ever lose its magnetism over time?

If you left a magnet on a fridge forever (hypothetically), would there ever be a time where it would fall off due to losing its magnetic attraction to the metal? Do magnets naturally become demagnetized over time?

And if not, does this not represent a type of unlimited or inexhaustible energy? It takes constant output of force to resist gravity in the way that a fridge magnet does, so therefore wouldnt a magnet be a type of infinite energy source, assuming that the magnetism will never wear down naturally?

I found this quote from a physics forum site:

This is the site link:
physicsforums.com/archive/in … 49043.html

No, for normal magnet it never lose it magnetism power unless you drop it too many times; normally break it. Unless you are referring to electromagnetism which uses electricity to create a magnetic poles using a normal wire. That, when you switch off it will lose it’s magnetism powers.