Will heathendom (pagandom) bring freedom back to us?

When I say "according to the current physicists“, you don’t accept that, do you? Not seldom you seem to overread the term “according to the current physicists”. I mean the statements of the current physicists, although they are mainstream physicists, „exist“, don’t they? This mainstream physicists say that the gravity is probably the most important force, you say that affectance or electromagnetic force is most important. Why should they always be “wrong”? They say a mass of 3.2 masses of our sun are needed for forming a “black hole”, you say: “What it takes to cause a black hole is not a huge star, but rather merely a high concentration of energy into a small space, larger than a monoparticle could sustain”. Who is right?

“Who is Right” has become a critically important question, even more important than “What is right”. I have found that there is a large gap between truth and mainstream. And that is why Science was founded on “Nullius in Verba”, “take no one’s word”. And that is also why I created RM, so that individuals, without billions of dollars of equipment and education can find out for themselves what is principally true.

When it comes to the principles of the universe, anyone who can logically deduce, can know what must be true, without being told by mainstream anything.

I also have found (for a very long time, b.t.w.) that there is a large gap between truth and mainstream, and I am interested in what you have created.

Which religion or religious confession would or should be appropriate for your sam corporations, James?

SAM doesn’t care. SAM allows for and expects learning. In the long run, Reality is what it is and will be leading the way. Although more altruistic people would be far more comfortable learning to be intimately honest.

“SAM” works only when the number of population of the “communical particle” remains very low.

True. It cannot grow large and still be a SAM corporation, communal particle.

To get a large gathering, one must have very many relatively independent SAM corps. who network together for trade. This constitutes a “molecule of particles” that grows into the body of Man.

The biggest challenge is the self-containedness, the sufficiency, the autarchy (autarky).

With proper use of technology, that isn’t the issue that it used to be.

Actually the Greeks with their “city-states” and Moses with his regional Pharisees, had the right general idea, but lacked precision and required too many people. Technology resolved both of those concerns and allows for the freedom of the city-state method by using extremely small “cities”, SAM Corporations.

Jesus had everything right but didn’t mention the issue of momentum (too much quite peace void of the necessary momentous harmony). The Catholics then compounded that concern by trying to establish single a world order, the “Holy Roman Empire” - went the wrong direction, just as the Globzis of today.

Man keeps trying to bring it ALL under one rule, not understanding that the only “supreme ruler” has to be Reality itself and that requires what we call “localized democracy and culture”.

The rulers (Glozis) can forbid the access to the technology!

Well, they already do that. I mean that one must use what one has, but use it properly.

There is a realm of science that is far, far above public science. And they have technology to match. They are the depicted “space aliens” in films.


Here and now would fit the following from another thread:

Where are the heathens posting?

From another thread:

The logical continuation, culmination, and completion of the so-called “revolutions”: “French revolution”, “Communism” / “Nationalsocialism”, and now the “Feminism” as hell on earth.

In comparison to that which follows they always start harmlessly:


All these “projects” end in hell.

Based on the replacement of humans by machines I am speaking of a probability of 80% (see here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here). 80% is a high probability, but not 100%, so 20% are left.

So there is hope, yes, but if there will be no accident like a big failure of the humans or a huge natural catastrophe, then it will be nearly impossible to go back to times before the so-called “industrial revolution”.

There can be no freedom without Death.

LOL at self, apologies for missing the %.

So how do you see ‘working towards eliminating the threat of human replacement’?

  1. Upheaval (but unfortunately it is not very probable).
  2. Failure of the humans (it is very probable, but what follows depends probably on the case 1)).
  3. Natural catastrophe (with reference to the near future it is also not very probable).

Do you, and if yes, how do you see “working towards eliminating the threat of human replacement”?

Throw in a Pagan sex cult and I’m in.

I want to give you some links, because they may be interesting for this thread too: