Will humanity become permanently 'Infantoid'?

Will humanity become permanently Infantoid ~ infant-like?

What occurs when a species moves beyond predation and natural survival? Don’t we continue to ‘play’ beyond usual youth - so to speak. Will humans become permanently infant-like because there is nothing to get serious with, or because we have nothing to fear. Our children already take 25 years to mature, a newborn calf in Africa will get up in a few minutes and have to be able to evade predators very quickly.

What is there to make humans mature in the future, wont we just remain infant-like and relatively immature? Indeed historically humans appear to have been far more down to earth and tough, though I don’t think there is or will be the same impetus on future humans ~ we are not as tough as e.g. medieval humans.


From pushing buttons to having things push buttons for us, sleeping matrix goo pods.

Perhaps its would be worse as we may not be matrix goo-pods? we would live it!

We would live our lives as if without consequence, indeed perhaps it is only the evolutionary imperative that makes us get real I.e. with things ~ like markets, and all the little things in our lives etc, that are not so real.

I can imagine a morph of humans sat a tables in a restaurant like blobs with big open mouths, getting fed cuisine by androids. lol

I picture in the near future people not leaving their massive towers to do even shopping, since they can do it on another floor. Then people will travel less since they will be able to travel somewhere like Rome, any time period, through a vitural experience, just like the same thing, without moving.

In the novel, the time machine, the future showed a race of beings as fragile creatures who laughed over nothing. I can picture that in the far future.

I can see tha too, but even if we only partly enter the virtual world I am wondering if we will still become permanently infantoid? what makes ‘real’?

The time machine scenario worries me believe it or not, I can quite foresee a future where humanity divides into two or more factions. Where one would be predatorily, it seems like the perfect evolutionary solution to a lack of predation for a species.

Hey guys, let’s have a slumber party and watch some cartoons together!

Robots warrriors might keep us wily and strong.

^^ha indeed!

You stick to your infantile games and we’ll continue to protest at the state humanity is getting itself into.
:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

A futile, contenious protestation is itself rather infantoid. It lands on deaf ears. No rebellious mischief now the time for that long past. The coming thing: the man and the machine unite as cyborg, a supercyborg coming with the eye of an eagle, and the understanding of God, at least toward whom we aspire. Not merely picturesque Bot-trade unionized God (where has that gone?), but technological certainty united with a Soul, a real overcomer, but not singularly metaphisical, but the NEW-MAN.

Aren’t you presuming that humanity is permanent?

Evolution takes a very long time. We wont become infantoid in 100 years. Or even 1000 years.

But then again, since it started 6000 years ago…

…are do you think there is value in asking an infant how mature he is?

Why would it take so long? Didn’t Nietzsche spoke about 2 generations and that evolution is jumpy?

Finally, is not the growth of a child frequently an evolution where the grown child hardly resembles to itself as a baby?

And if the soul is entirely learned&trained, then all we need is to learn and train! A lot!

Ever since Man got involved in Eugenics, there has been no such thing as evolution.

Let’s notice that the Greeks have considered the northern population as unintelligent but strong-willed and also that their look doesn’t divert much from that of a newborn child, which means all they have is a lot of training with a very little import of knowledge. That’s how they use the leisure.

6000 years? Really James? Oh brother.

Also, it’s very possible that eugenics might only serve to expedite the process. Look what we’ve done with the canine.

On the other side the ‘Asians’ have been said to have intelligence but to lack willpower. I would say it is the case with yellow races where the size of the head grows but the shape remains child-like, round. Those people have no leisure and no time for training.

So yes or no to my slumber party guys? My mommy is going to buy us soda and make a pizza. We can play video games together.

Lack willpower in what sense? Many east Asian cultures tend to be extremely disciplined.

I agree ^^ that that statement makes little sense.

Apparently Chinese generally do best at IQ tests, and have long been supremely skilled ~as have all Asians.

Their smallness has nothing to do with the context of the thread.