Will machines completely replace all human beings?

i had the article but somehow it got erased. To paraphrase, from: Ladislav Zjarka’s Science’s 2013, http//wwwlaumath.com/content

'Solving diffrential equtions are able to define models for a variety of pattern recognition. (Here ref. to James thread on pattern recognition)

  1. primary functional approximation problem applying genetic programing techniques.

  2. or, artificial neural network construction (ANN)

  3. a common ANN operating principal based on entire simlarity relations of new printed input pattern with the traied ones.

Is this something akin tom what we were talking about? If so, then intuitive or apriori approaches to cybernetics is somewhat, or possibly warranted. If not, let it go as something possible but not necessarily probable. A kind of mind game.

Which thread do you mean?


Sorry, I’ve had trouble with my computer with editing. It should read ‘to’, instead of ‘tom’. I read James’ blog on recognition, and i will try to find it in the archives, it’s been a while.

Thank you, Obe.

Humans have created machines and suppressed themselves (at least 99% of them), but they have not become machines!

They sure think and suppress emotions like them.

Have you found it in the archives, Obe?

No, not yet, i am afraid, buti will contact him maybe he can tell me. He is here sometimes, maybe he will see this and respond to it. So James, if You are reading this, where can Your blog on facial recognition be found? Thanks

My blog on facial recognition??? :-s
What blog? :confusion-scratchheadblue:

Then it’s on ‘recognition’ i am certain of it, about a tear ago. I will find some time today, and really search them archives, unless i am hallucinating. No i am certain of it, and even made a mental note to go back to it. LOL

Today I found this website:

“when A.I. gains the secrets of creativity and social intelligence.”
Unknown to the author of that story, “they” already have it.

They don’t. That’s why my job as a translator is not under threat from computers. Free machine translation like Google Translate has come along in the time I have been working as a translator, but it hasn’t made any difference to my work. Google Translate, machine translation and AI generally can’t do what I can do, because AI doesn’t have social intelligence, and it never will, because social intelligence depends on conscious, embodied experience, and computation is irrelevant to conscious, embodied experience.

And you do not think that this threat will come?

My wife is a translator. A huge, huge, huge portion of jobs agencies are handing out has gone from ‘Translate this for 8p / word’ to ‘This has been machine-translated; just edit it for 5p / word.’

Nobody has ever offered me anything like that. But I deliver high quality work in demanding subject areas, most people can’t do what I do, machine translation doesn’t stand a chance in my market.

No, there are insurmountable barriers to human-level computer translation. To properly understand human language it is necessary to live in a world of experience.

What do you think about the future of the translators?

Very, very difficult barriers. Insurmountable? I wouldn’t go that far. Language is complex, but it is extremely finite as well.

I would give translation less than 10 years before a computer can do it nearly as well as a professional. Better before 50 years.