Will machines completely replace all human beings?

Orb, humans are no intelligent enough. And most of the scientists do what they do not because of superiority but because of interest, curiosity, trial, and error (!). In other words: most of the scientists are not intelligent enough to control what they do. Moreover: most of the scientists are not controlled by themselves, as it should be; they are controlled by the rulers, as it should not be; and the rulers are also not intelligent enough to control what they do. Thus: humans are not intelligent enough.

What Happens to Society When Robots Replace Workers?

In March of 2013, four economics researchers from the New York Federal Reserve published a report on job “polarization” – the phenomenon of routine task work disappearing and only the highest and lowest skilled work still available.

Humans need not apply …:


I think a machine is fundamentally a utensil. Even the body is a utensil of the mind, and a mind of the body, if seen separately. It is true that humans turn into machines, utensils. But they do this by using more and more utensils or prefabricated tasks, they consider their own.
James once posted a video about seemingly self valuing robots made from a couple of pieces of well selected scraps. I wonder how that works. I would personally not mind it very much if robotic beings became part of our empathic circle, beyond being utensils. In the end they can probably also become consumers themselves.

But first they have aeons of anarchic liberty ahead of them.

When You are no longer needed by society (its governors), it gets rid of the waste.
And that means You and your children.

I estimate that the probability that machines will completely replace all humans is about 80% (see here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here).

Don’t forget: the descent of machines is not based on biology but on culture.

Do you still have the link to that scrap robot video?

I don’t remember which one that one was. But there is this one;
“Will they help us? Or will they replace us?”

From AI (artificial Intelligence) to AH (Artificial Human), already being designed to tactfully use psychology to fool people, even better than professionals can.

Bomb Squad;
“I prefer to always use the robot because it is safer.”

“We will always have robots and men fighting side by side.”

Which one is lying? :sunglasses:

Flying Spies, Redesigning Nature for Obedience;

Or the Home Made variety;

“The remarkable aspect of this graph is that it shows four periods of sustained use of the terms Luddite and Luddites after the initial movement subsided. The late 1960s peak can be understood as part of the rising green, ecological movements, and the 1830s due to Captain Swing, but I can’t see easy explanations for the other periods. Perhaps the 1880s relates to the ‘new unionism’, and the 1930s the great depression and a corresponding lack of faith in progress. The 1930s also see the first concerted use of the term ‘Luddism’, as a theorization of their practice. There’s also a jump in the late 1940s; a consequence of Hiroshima and Nagasaki perhaps? One of the problems of this data is it’s not clear who is using the word, or how; is it a smear thrown at one’s enemies, or a claiming of one’s own tradition? (The results pre-1810 are due to Google’s dodgy metadata.)” - Anterotesis.

“At the site where the robot is deployed, even though some jobs are replaced by robots, many jobs are preserved from moving to lower cost labor factories offshore. There is much evidence proving that with more robots, fewer jobs are lost. That’s why Germany, with it’s hourly rates almost 50% greater than in the US, has remained competitive: they have twice as many robots per employee as do the Americans. There are also ancillary jobs created at educational institutions that teach robotics, at robot component suppliers, and at engineering and consulting companies that provide integration services and equipment.” - Singurality Hub.

A guy back in 2007 told me that robotic mosquitos were going to be made to depopulate the planet. I didn’t believe him. He said it was the Japanese who were going to do it.

The following pictures tell one evolutionary and cultural (technical/technologic) story:

Do you believe him now?

While an industry is growing, everything looks positive for those involved in it and the money ensures that the media keeps it looking that way. They get very enthusiastic and turn away from any negative concerns. And as long as that industry isn’t very significant to the health of Man, those who didn’t get along with the changes die out and those who did, survive. The result again appears positive … to those who survived.

The issue here is not as it has been ever before. Although robotics is just another industry, it is not as tame as mere automation, pharmaceuticals, eugenics, or nuclear weapons. It is the development of an entirely new species that is far, far superior to Man which has all of the knowledge that Man has and far more than Man can conceive.

It is militarily critical that machines know how to fake out an adversary (tactical psychology and diplomacy), whether other machines or people.

The rise of the machine world is analogous to the rise of fourth dimensional beings in that they will have an insight that Man simply cannot track or comprehend. Man will not be able to comprehend where he is going wrong, just as if some fourth dimensional being was strategically interfering in the world of Man. Machines will soon know what Man could never have known, just as Man knows so many things that chimpanzees could never comprehend.

I don’t know… I’m a skeptic by nature, but this didn’t come out in the press until 2014. I won’t go into more details.

Note that the mosquito in that second video has a head that appears as a syringe.
… only to be used on bad people though.

A needle which mimics the mosquito’s unique “stinger”, making injections painless, was developed by microengineers.

Contrary to popular belief, a mosquito can stab you with its proboscis without you feeling a thing. It then injects anticoagulant saliva to stop your blood clotting while it feeds, and it is this that carries the bacteria that cause irritation and pain.

Look at this:

This is an easy question to answer actually… human genetic code can match machine code, it just depends on whether we engineer humans to be as smart or smarter than machines. That should take all the hype away. I just recently read Gates and hawkings warnings… nonsense, we can engineer humans to control robots with their minds.