Will machines completely replace all human beings?

Even when machines are not making governing decisions, you don’t know what you are agreeing to. In Congress bills are designed to be extra wordy, complex, vague, and delivered at the last moment just to prevent congressmen from reading and fully understanding them before signing them (Obamacare for example). Executive orders are used to get around Congress entirely. “National Security” is used to keep so many things secret, you wouldn’t be able to determine the significance of issues anyway. And that includes a large part of Congress.

They are designed and currently used in war and “peace-keeping”. They don’t have time, especially when fighting other machines, to wait for human supervision. That is why even the President doesn’t have to wait for Congressional approval for most of what he does in the name of National Security or war. They ARE designed and built for violence already - even armed spy drones overhead right now.

Your PC doesn’t ask your permission concerning even 1/100th of the things it does. And it is pretty much guaranteed that you would not approve of many of those things. It is designed to ensure that you either do not know of certain things it does or cannot prevent it from doing them. You are already, to at least a small degree, being deceptively managed via your PCs.

They are built to deceive and out maneuver their owners because they are built to actually serve the governor, not you. And the governor already knows that he doesn’t know enough to interfere with the machines, else he would not have been allowed to be governor (do you override your PCs operating system functions? Could you even if you wanted to? Not as much as you think.). And the machine designers know that they don’t know enough to govern, else they wouldn’t be designing machines. Neither knows when to interfere with the other and say, “Wait! Let’s think about that”.

In physics, things get so deeply complex and mathematically oriented that the physicists completely lose touch with reality, and they usually don’t know it. Dealing with how a machine “should” deal with people gets far more complex than particle physics. The designers have no chance of maintaining perspective and conscience. They can’t even figure out the “purpose of life” question, much less what to force everyone else to do about it.