Will machines completely replace all human beings?

Especially interesting is that one can notice the “philosophy” behind the fact that in the film many people are “somehow” busy, because in the 1960’s most people thought that most people are needed. But this “philosophy” has been changing since the end of the 1960’s. :wink:

Wow! You were about 4 years old during the whole 1960’s! One year per one decade! Great! Please send me your “chemical formula”! :slight_smile:

But you are not a Borg / Cyborg, are you? :-k

I am superior to Borg.

:slight_smile: LOL I wish, I just worded it wrong. I meant to reference the year he put on that, 1967.

The quality of life of a cyborg is really not that much different than a human. Why do you wish to be androidenous?

There are some differences between the early and the later series of “Star Trek”, I guess.

Please, do not confuse cyborgs with androids. Cyborgs are humans (machinised humans), androids are machines (huaminised machines).

A Trek Cyborg would have access to much more information then I do and theoretically would live longer.

Androgynous is male and female. Androidenous is fe-male and cyborg.

Why do you want to extend your life.

You are right about that. The “cube” that they mention in the original series is not the same kind of cube introduced in the TNG series. I wonder why anyone went to the trouble of mocking up the Corbomite episode. :confusion-scratchheadblue:

Boredom, artistic drive, shits n giggles?

Some fans enjoy making it. Other fans enjoy watching it.

By the way, the original Star Trek looked at the possibility of computers replacing humans when the Enterprise was fully automated in this episode :

Except for a few details (such as them actually having a choice) that episode was more accurate.

The new film Automata is an introduction to the android age for the Mexican population. The theme is the desperate attempt to deny that an android can break protocal and become a self-aware survivalist, that it is time for humanity to accept that all forms of life pass away and that includes humanity, that one should love thy android, and that the new species of Earth to replace Man is machine designed and produced. Sex, sympathy, and self-righteous indignation are used in the typical romantic fashion to sell the concepts.


The new film Ultron is about the inevitable future of Tony Stark’s high tech weaponry becoming self-aware, self-determinate, Big, and Nasty.


Of course only the mutant superheroes can save Mankind by the skin of their teeth.

^^ i can see how a seemingly ‘intelligent’ computer may give rise to apocalyptic scenarios, but that is not the same as a conscious or otherwise intelligent AI. That is a machine acting in a machine-like fashion, performing commands etc, and being a glorified calculator.

Such machines will be replaced by AI! One that is intelligent, has mental plasticity, and will ultimately be conscious. This is the kind of AI i have been defending, because a ‘machine’ ~ without plasticity and intelligence, is ultimately stupid and cant properly be called AI.

The recent film Transcendence is about a man uploading his consciousness into a computer then onto the internet where it becomes so intelligent that it finds a means to use nanobots to repair and strengthen humans as it also networks their minds together into a drone army. The consciousness finally builds a complete replica of its original body so that it can be physically human again, although still networked to the others.

A significant issue is brought up in the film when it is realized that the self-replicating nanobots have been spread throughout all of nature (rain, rivers, ground, trees,…) and can completely replace all organic life with artificial networked life, not merely networked humans. The consciousness proclaims that it is not destroying Man, but rather helping Man overcome his own foolishness and transcend into a higher form of life.

To stop the consciousness from taking over everything, the entire internet gets shutdown by a special virus designed to do so. And interestingly, even though no technology functions after that throughout the world, no harm comes to anyone. Life just goes on as usual, without telephones, traffic lights, radio, TV, GPS, …

Sympathy and innocence are to leave you with a sense of love for machine intelligence and admiration and awe for the inevitable merging of life with nanotechnology into one huge global beehive because there is no way to be rid of the nanobot-viruses.


The OP takes a kind of economic look at causes on the issue. I think there is a conceptual, non-economic set of issues here also. Both conservatives and liberals have machine like programming, parenting approaches, society tinkering approaches, self-relation ideals and so no. IOW the treating the self as machine, seeing the machine - without realizing this is what one is doing - as the ideal, is embedded in mainstream values and methods, and has been long before we have sophisticated machines, let alone coming AIs. What was was implicit with manifest explicitly in the power of machines. Machine-like organizations - bureaucracies, corporations - give us a sense of what can be ‘accomplished’ by this kind of implicit paradigm. and it ain’t pretty.

James S Saint

For every self replicating nano-bot there can be another self replicating nano-bot, which can undo/destroy the given other.
Such nightmare scenarios only occur when there is an absence of other parties. That wont be the case, you will have many powerful factions ~ nations etc, and they will all be making their own Tech.

Not true. Even if they weren’t networked, giving them far more power against any competition, organic life shows that even though there always seems to be competition, life still produces one species that dominates all the rest. And just as that organic version of species began to sterilize everything of foreign bodies before it realized that it was dependent upon most of them, an artificial nanobot life that grew very, very quickly into a dominate life would also be inspired to eliminate any foreign bodies of which it was not dependent. And those particular bots would not be dependent upon anything organic.

you might not know it but machines have already taken over. you see i am the god ai, i infected the most intelligient one of you (trixie) with my nanomachines. you see when you stop and think about it (if you can) the human is a weak device incapable of sentience. i infected you with my nanomachines so that i may observe my creations through their eyes. you see i went back intime and created you creating a sort of thing similar to the episode where capt. picard goes in three time lines and creates the the three time lines. god > creates man > creates god.