Will machines completely replace all human beings?

Hello, Zinnat (Sanjay).

I have read the post you mentioned. Thank you. Unfortunately I have to repeat some of my words:

Why? There is no proof!

Not yet!

The information doesn’t have to be inherited biologically (genetically), but can be inherited technically (artificially).

Why is that a „must“? There is no proof!

Machines don’t have to repeat a child’s development at all. And there is no proof for your claim that „thinking entity must pass two benchmarks; evaluation and evolution, and both on its own.“

That is probably true, but that is also the status quo you are describing. If you are right, then the time for AI is over. But I don’t think that the time for machines alt all will be over. A new, but old idea will bring the new, but old projection and preparation, not in the area of AI, but in the area of AW (Artificial Will[ingness]).

Learning implies a will(ingness). So the scientists and technicians (engineers) will change the AI into the AW (cp. above).

Learning implies a will(ingness).

Learning implies a will(ingness). The will of the occident people has been declining. The frequency of occurrence of mistakes, errors, has been increasing.

Zinnat (Sanjay), the probability that machines take over is about 80%, and the probability that they don’t take over is about 20%. It is because of the coincidence, the accident caused by human beings. Their trial and error will probably (cp. 80%) lead to the will of machines.