Will machines completely replace all human beings?

I think we should ban tampons, because a 14 year old girl died from leaving a tampon in too long. Tampons are a threat against civilization, thus we should ban them. We should also ban hurricanes too, because they kill a lot of people and damage a lot of property. Hurricanes are not good for the economy. This is a daycare, a babysitting game, and if one person does a bad thing, we all have to be punished, laws have to be changed, to teach us all a lesson and keep us safe. Soda bottles cause strife in the village and cause people to make war and be jealous, thus we should ban glass soda bottles, and switch to plastic, as it is more safe and harmonious with the village.

“The Gods Must Be Crazy” (1980 film)

Holiness seems to be a feminine feeling, guilt remorse, ethics and pleasure, are all feminine feelings. Morality and ethics is feminine. But women are liars, often indifferent to trouble, so how can they be holy? Children do not seem to be inherent liars, only women.

I suppose the key to this is androgeny, combining the logic and truth of man, with the holiness of a child.

Not to derail, but what do you imagine to be a “masculine feeling”?

Back to the topic by looking at the following picture:

What do you think?

I think there will be smiling machines. I also think that the replacement will not be so one for one. Portions of jobs will be taken over, so employed humans will be fewer. This is happening in professional jobs also. But since it will not come soon that a HR manager is completely replaced, like we fire Hans and put C3PO at his desk, people will not realize that because many facets of HR work are already being taken over, such that companies can make a number of employees redundant in those departments, it is actually happening now, not in some more distant future when AI really comes into play. We already have smart enough machines to whittle down departments.

This is all being fussy, but I think that the skeptics see an image like that and think…oh, that’s not happening, when in fact it has been happening for a while and not just on assembly lines in, say, Japan, but in white collar jobs also and all over the world.

Smiling machines? Okay, here they are:


masculine feeling is building things with zero regard for polishing, liking violence, honest violence, noble fights, balanced confrontations.

feminine feeling is polishing things, lazily and timidly refining structure, sadistic violence, where the opponent is helpless, or they themselves are helpless.

So you are speaking of masculine courage vs feminine repressed, opportunistic anger.

Nein. I am referring to the masculine desire to fight, the desire for fair and honest combat, a fair fight, and a challenge, a duel, or a battle of teams.

The feminine desire I refer to is the sadistic female intent, witchery, taking pleasure at either her victims pain, or taking pleasure at her own pain. Open you eyes, my brother, for these women lurk in the shadows, unknown to you.

Courage is not the desire to fight, courage is simply standing up to your fears, it is simply an evolved form of cowardice. The masculine desire to which I refer, is not fear based, it is not courage or cowardice, fear is only used as a function of excitement in the experience.

Feminine repressed anger is one of the noble traits of woman, but it is the product of ignobility - dishonesty, shame, and cowardice. These factors repress the anger in the first place.


Otto Weininger (Jew) knew very well that ethics and morality belonged to men. But in any case, the masculine/feminine dichotomy is for the most part useless and it only serves to cause unnecessary conflict between men and women. Especially considering the implicit suggestion that what is masculine is necessarily superior to feminine, when in reality, both masculinity and femininity have their own flaws.

The ideal state is beyond masculinity and femininity.

As a matter of fact, those who are stuck on this dichotomy and are describing the historical development as “feminization” can be safely assumed to belong to Gentile camp, as they are clearly dominated by Giant blood memory (i.e. hunter/gatherer blood memory.)


False dichotomy. The male/feminine dichotomy is useful, it describes two chemical states, estrogen and testosterone. This can be used to map psychological underpinnings, and behavoirs.

Beyond, but also within. Without testosterone, the organism has no energy to do things, nor desire for balanced teams and competition. Without testosterone, there are no more noble duels, which are character building.

Without estrogen, the noble duels become too violent, and thus the character building component is lost. Without estrogen, there is no remorse for death.

So the ideal is both within masculine and feminine, but also beyond.

Masculinity refers to the domination of mesoderm, femininity to the domination of endoderm and the third option, which is the ideal option, refers to the domination of ectoderm. These are germ layers.

I think it’s possible to say: Aryans (ecto), Gentiles (meso) and Jews (endo.) But that does not mean that every ectomorph is Aryan, every mesomorph is a Gentile and so on. It just shows which physical characteristics belong to which type individually.

While it is true that you can grade most of the phenomena on a masculinity/femininity scale, the problem is that, by doing so, you leave out the third option (the balance between the two, by the way, is not the third option.) Once you understand that it is the third option that is ideal, the need to speak in terms of masculinity and femininity significantly recedes.

The other problem is, as I already said, the implication that masculinity is necessarily better and that the historical development is one of feminization (as if there wasn’t a parallel development of masculinization that was just as undesirable.)


If I may say, masculine / feminine is still a thing, because there are unique psychological underpinnings to each chemical, within a subtype range. Feminity causes fat deposits in the hips, and masculinity causes fat in the belly, although in general femininity is overall more fat.

Jews are definitely the most fat, they are akin to Jabba the Hutt. Not all Jews are fat though.

But, it is in their agenda to stop fat shaming, because it is their cultural paradigm to promote a culture of hedonism and helplessness. They want to promote the notion that fat people are helpless hedonists, victims of themselves, and ignore the notion that fat people are selfish who use up more resources and cause more animal suffering.

Id say brain development is more based on estrogen and testosterone, than it is affected by endomorph/mesomorph. I would say tall skinny people are smarter than short fat people, but medium built men are smarter than tall skinny women.

Ectomorph is the layer that forms the brain, so we can deduce that all creatures, even endomorphs have large quantities of it. Masculinity causes radical mutations in brain development, and not all creatures have much of it as they do ectomorph, therefore it is a major factor.

Ectos have the fastest metabolism, mesos have a medium speed metabolism and endos have the slowest. I’d say that the speed of metabolism is related to nobility where it not for ectos I met in my life who have a clearly fast metabolism and who are nonetheless Gentiles in their thinking and behavior. Me, on the other hand, I am endo/meso and clearly a Gentile in some of my instincts, but nonetheless I still possess a strong Aryan blood memory.

I think it has more to do with nervous system . . .

I myself am the aryan ideal, as a child i was disgusted with the human race and wanted to be a robot or animal body because i was so disgusted with it.
I hated going through puberty because I slowly noticed it made me lose my beautiful aryan features, and put my mind in a dark place, removing from me my childish nobility and vigor. For this reason, I wished to become a female, in order to prevent the catastrophic loss of my beautiful features. Still, being tall, I am more neotenic than most people and often I get carded because people think I am younger than I am. However, i still have some non-aryan features which i despise, so i would like to build the dna machine to upgrade my genetics.

However, aryanism.net lists a descrepancy between neotenic and paedomorphic, as if they are different things, but I am not sure they are different things. The paedomorphism aryanism.net refers to seems to be more so a masculination of bone tissue, and a retention of female fat distribution.

The jews wish to mock this, calling Disney a nazi but Disney was not a nazi, he thought hitler went too far with the gassing chambers and such. Disney just didn’t like Jews. The Jews didn’t like Disney either, so they mock anyone with aryan ideals as vain or “Peter Pan syndrome”, or compare them to pedophiles, or compare them to Michael Jackson. This is a false dichotomy Jews use of herding the population of rejecting aryan ideals, saying “if you like aryan ideals you are either peter pan or michael jackson”. “Manchild” is also a term made up by jews, to label anyone a basement dweller who has aryan ideals. They also target anime, because anime supports the aryan ideal, and make fun of anime because the men look feminized in it, saying they do not watch anime because it “feminizes men and makes them too androgenous.” They also claim arynaism is vain. Actually aryanists are not vain, they are less vain than jews, and aryanism does not feminine men, it enables men to be free to be their best, beautiful, as well follow the aryan ideals. If you follow anime, men and women are not only beautiful, but scientific, intelligient, and powerful too.

That being said, the brand of aryanism aryanism.net borders on the absurd, such as state controlled reproduction as well as banning makeup and certain forms of decoration. Aryanism.net is fascist, whereas I am not fascist. You build the DNA machine to make everyone beautiful, and that’s it. Boom, you’re done, that’s it. And you castrate the Jews as punishment for their crimes of promoting mass circumcision. That’s it. There’s no way it could possibly backfire or be put in a bad light like Hitler’s genocides. Castration is humane and ethical, noone is starved to death. It’s sane, rational, and the foundation for a better world.

How is state-controlled reproduction absurd? How is that fascist?

And you keep insisting that Hitler commited genocides as if you were there to witness it.