Will machines completely replace all human beings?

The one which eventually can go…or got away.

Greed and organized religion. Sometimes they overlap stunningly.


They have drugs for that too.

You kind of have it a bit backwards. Stamina doesn’t have much to do with anything. And DNA comes into play only during growth periods. Unless you are planning to kill off the entire brain and let it regrow (inclusive of experiences), changing the DNA would do very little.

With new DNA, you don’t get a new brain. Although perhaps they could grow only a new pituitary. That would have a tremendous effect all by itself, but hardly needs new DNA for that.

You are suffering from the propaganda that your DNA is the cause of the problems. It is not (other than to belong to the disfavored race).

What nootropics usually do is prevent the neurological interference that the brain is suffering from by being born into a modern day society. Most brains in the USA, for example suffer from a type of mild short circuiting due to the neurons being stripped of their myelin sheaths (the result of specific viruses such as meningitis). Although nootropics provide other functions as well, usually chemical and blood balance related toward specific areas of the brain.

That is why they were promoting meditation and marijuana for a long time in the West.

They know full well how to rewrite history and blame shift anything onto who or whatever. That seriously isn’t an issue.

All of the old, non-updated religions. Although most update so as to become indistinguishable from each other (“One World Religion”).

Yes. Oh, yes.

This “One World Religion” can also be called a “synctretistic religion”.

Maybe the humas will wait until the machines will completely take over.

Oh, yeah.

Darwinism is the trial to interpret the nature only economically - by competition, by a false selection principle (|) as if living beings were selected like goods, articles, products.

No. Of course: No.

No. It is not too late to replace it.

That would send us back to the late 1700’s, prior the Industrial Revolution, because the Industrial Revolution began in the late 1700’s.

You have opened an interesting thread. Thank you.

So: Is competition ethical? I answer with a counterquestion: What if 99% of all humans are not allowed to compete and 1% of all humans compete on the whole planet and in the whole solar system?

Moreno, that would be natural since we are pack/herd/social animals. We enjoy pretending we have overcome that nature but, we have a long way to go to actually do it.

People’s unreasonable faith in technology is absolutely astonishing.

Its stupid, only weak people require stroking like dogs, ~ oh haven’t he/she done well, is all we get on tv these days. Now have a sweetie for being good at something and fuck off. lol

First they invented the plough and our lives got better…etc

so far inventions have given is lots of stuff, and we like lots of stuff. Even better, most of us don’t do hard manual labour. Better go jogging and tell yourself you are good at something, or we’ll all fall off the edge of the planet.

They are so “good”, and in reality they are cynic and false (=> “left”).

When being cynic becomes a societal system, so that we can call it “cynism”, then all governers, all politicians, all rich people, all followers behave according to cynism. All others can only fight this cynism by being kynic (= counter-cynic). Many of those polically correct (pc) cynics do not notice what is wrong with them.

Soon security robots will have greater human rights than you.

YOU have NO right to offend these honorable servants of your masters.

When will they become cynics? :sunglasses:

I don’t mind security robots like those, because i’m the kind of low class citizen who would otherwise have to do shit jobs like that. This is what people don’t realise, robots like any other machine will do the shit we don’t want to. I was once offered a job in a factory, putting something in a machine pressing a button then taking it out again, oh how I wished for another machine which can push that damn button.

On the other hand, I equally don’t want robots being my boss and doing shit for them.

Yeah. :wink:

What if robots become more and more humanoid, thus android?

They will be very sexy. As a great deal of what it took to develop the internet went to porn, cause its profitable, the most use people will get out of androids is sex surrogates. No doubt.

I believe you have said this before, but it is simply not the case. Machines are already taking management level jobs. So far they cannot do an entire, for example, human resources job, but a company that once had 4 HR managers, now needs three or two, because they have machines that can do portions of the jobs. So jobs that people might conceivably want are being eliminated. Of course people might prefer security guard jobs to not having money for their families. They might also use them to move up the ladder as starter jobs.

Then why did you take the job?

That is already happening also, since, in the example I mentioned the HR machines are hooked into performance statistics, in some cases, for workers. So the machines can see how fast everyone is doing every task - on the intranet - and sending out memoes to those who are slow, snitching them out to human managers and so on. Not AI stuff yet, but that is coming.

I wonder how that security robot would fare against a couple of rifle bullets…

They will make them to do better than a human would. In fact they probably already are better. I mean, a head shot to a human and you bury them. YOu can repair a robot. Hell, later models will appreciate the information, use the trajectory of the bullet to aim return fire.

I should have added in my previous post to you that what the HR machines are doing in this case is taking specific portions of the jobs that current machines can handle. Yes, if these were all the HR managers did, it would be a shit job, but as part of a varied job with many different types of tasks these need not be boring. And now their jobs are more monochromatic. They also are expected, more and more, to perform their tasks in a machinelike way. Everything is broken down into assembly line repetitive processes that the machines monitor, even at the managerial level. So there is not only replacement of decent professional positions (and also those you are calling shit jobs) but all jobs are speeding up and being treated like the tasks of machines and being monitored by smart but not AI machines. This trend is the result of not just smart machines, but they definitely help it along, and AIs will eliminate ever more portions of and entire jobs, including professional ones.

Just as the globalization of manufacting, then many service/call center jobs has reduced prosperity in the West, the rise of the machines will continue this reduction. Anything that can cut costs. This has nothing to do with making jobs more interesting, and all to do with reduction of cost. Humans are seen as cost.