Will machines completely replace all human beings?

Flirting is the beginning of sex, yano. [-X

Well, … I would not seriously call that “sex”. :wink:

In my culture being in the same room with someone who sneezes is not flirting.

The only possible benefits of robots is sex bots obviously.

Sex bots?


Do you agree?

Possibly, the machines will prevent the extinction of all human beings, or they will not prevent but accelerate it.

If the machines will become smart enough, then they will need no cages for the humans.

Mercedes Self Driving Car Recreates World’s First Car Journey Mercedes S Class 2016 CARJAM TV:


No self driving cars:

Daimler, 1886:Daimler_1886.jpg
Daimler, DMG Lastwagen Cannstatt, 1896:DMG_Lastwagen_Cannstatt_1896.jpg
Volkswagen, VW Käfer Cabrio:

Do you think that machines will “eat” the crust of the planet?

I don’t believe there to ultimately be a shortage of materials, reusable grown materials like carbon crystals and organics will replace metals and plastics.

We and machines will be replaced by something which is conscious and infinitely adaptive. Think skyrim, where bodies/forms/machines are the things the characters/consciousnesses beget, and can change and hop in and out of. There may not even be ownership et al! The difference between one thing being better that another is thence interchangeable, just like getting in and out of a car.

Intelligent existence needs something like subsistence / sustenance.

Okay, thus also the mantle and the core of the earth. :astonished: :open_mouth: :-k


Why sex bots? Because women are becoming less female and desexualized with cultural or political social engineering along with an increasingly socially alienated male population. That’s why I think.

But if “women are becoming less female”, as you say, are men then - according to your belief - not changing, or are they becoming less male or even more male?

edt; Women are perhaps less female because the illusions of them have faded, so now we see a person and not a doll. I preferred them as dolls, but the world keeps turning and eventually strips illusion away.

it does, and when that is fully a utility ~ bodies worn like a suit, then its a question of what suit is best for the given tasks, rather than a requirement for a battle between ai and humans.

that doesn’t mean AI wont still try some shit on of course.

Who will win the battle according to your opinion: AI or humans?

Now, guess whether machines are capable of replacing all three types of humans.