Will machines completely replace all human beings?

I define nihilism as simply the lack of any objective meaning to life or to existence

Nihilists want to destroy everything, especially all values, and if they are successful, there will be nothing left.

I make the same definition. But what is the connection to machines and humans?

By this do you mean that machines, as nihilists, will destroy–amidst everything else–all human beings and the machines themselves as well?

No and yes.

No, because humans have invented machines. So humans are the nihilists.
Yes, because machines are or will be the humans’ heirs. So machines are or will be the nihilists too. And as such they will at last destroy themslves as well, yes.

Since all human beings are “humanoids” … what’s the big deal? :slight_smile:

Machines are being designed, built, and programmed to deceive the masses.
What could you possibly expect to come of it.

I think that certain Features like self-consciousness and Soul couldn’t be implemented by a Computer. Insofar as we are grounded and rooted in the universe, this concepts Play a crucial role. So as a consequence, machines aren’t able to be rooted in the universe, and this means that they are misguided as time went on. Günther saw this, and he thinks that with machine consciousness there is a way that man himself detects new sides of what it means to be human. This is coevolution of man and machine.

It is just more excusing the lust.

I don’t understand you! Do you mean my thoughts mirror lust?

No. I mean the denial of android abilities to provide an excuse to keep lusting after godhood through technology.

Technology is the opiate of governments.


Then, in existential terms, this thread asks, “Will machines completely replace nothing at all?”

I find it challenging to address this conceptually. How does this work out for you?

I hope that the future will show us what Günther has foreseen and thought. I also think that humans have no other chance in the long run than the said human-machine-coevolution. But if you compare humans with animals, then you will find that humans are the most terrible predator on this planet, much more terrible than all predators together; and if you compare some humans with other humans, you will always find that some are much more terrible than others. Think of the unconditional will to power, the greed, the fate between wanting to be like an almighty God and having to be like an almost powerless animal, which means the incapability of being like God and of being like an animal. Humans are no gods and no animals, they are somewhat between them, and that is their fate.

The only ethical and hopeful use of machines and high technology is reflected by Marvel’s Iron man comic book character. Machines should be use exclusively for personal, individual enhancement, not socialist structure containment. In the long run, socialist systems have no need for people, merely mechanisms … machines.

The over focus upon social structure (social power structures) being all important over the individual is what brings the end of the individual, just as with any other kind of misplaced priority.

Shouldn’t we just destroy all machines?

It’s hardly possible, isn’t it?
And if it’s possible, it leads to war, doesn’t it?
But war is something that we get in any case, don’t we?

At the moment it is entirely hypothetical but as I said it will ultimately depend upon how independent of humans machines will become and also whether they
will want to be completely independent of them. Maybe machines will split into two factions with one side pro human and one side anti human. It is not some
thing I will witness so I really do not know. But a thousand years from now will probably be sufficient time to discover the reality. Whatever it will actually be

I question whether in a thousand years there will be anyone left to discover any kind of reality.
Whatever may be left will be waiting in the wings to be jump-started.
Perhaps reality has been jump-started many times over.
I wonder what it will be that does that?

We already talked about that in this thread:


Song of the Luddites (by Lord Byron, 1816):

"As the Liberty lads o’er the sea
Bought their freedom, and cheaply, with blood,

    So we, boys, we

        Will die fighting, or live free,

And down with all kings but King Ludd!

When the web that we weave is complete,
And the shuttle exchanged for the sword,

    We will fling the winding-sheet

        O'er the despot at our feet,

And dye it deep in the gore he has pour'd.

Though black as his heart its hue,
Since his veins are corrupted to mud,

    Yet this is the dew

        Which the tree shall renew

Of Liberty, planted by Ludd!"


Your solution seems to be that “we should have more than one currency, and the first one should be a currency of knowledge, wisdom, information”, and that “we must take another direction and slow down”.