Will machines completely replace all human beings?

There is an important question: Will people manage to survive? Because if it is possible to replace humans completely with machines, then it is also possible that all humans will be superfluous and probably even disappear.
Even then, when humans will have become cyborgs, they will no longer be pure humans, but hybrid beings. At least that’s how I judge it.

If it is possible to make a cat out of a dog, then the result will be neither dog nor cat, but a hybrid being.

The question of whether “humanity will be spread out among vastly more star systems in the universe” is a side question, although an intersting one as well. First of all we have to ask ourselves whether pure humans or cyborgs or machines “will be spread out among vastly more star systems in the universe”. At present, only machines in the area of our solar system and perhaps a little further have spread (see space probes).

Science will never “overcome the death of the gods”, unless science will overcome science, thus will “die” itself. So, “such expansive progress, utilyzing technology, is” not " unavoidable", but the end of either the machines or the humans is unavoidable, because the existence of both is in the long run impossible: either the machines will disappear, so that humans will forget them and therefore survive, or the humans will disappear, so that the machines will continue to exist either with the mixed beings or without them, but not with the human. There has been war between humans and machines since the beginning. This war is the war of humans against the nature. The weapons are of cultural, especially technological, anti-natural kind on the human side and the constants or forces on the natural side (see: gravity, electromagnetism, strong and weak nuclear force and their constants). Humans won’t win this war. They’ll change to cyborgs or die out, unless they’ll stop their war against the nature.

Also, because you brought up the gods: the humans could (re)discover their new (old) gods in nature, worship them and establish a religion, so that the war against nature can be slowed down again and again.