Will machines completely replace all human beings?

That is one of the most important question in this issue: Whom does it serve? „Cui bono?“, as the Chinese says. :laughing:

The overlords believe that they are being served by this, because they know that they are being served for economic reasons (bubbles everywhere) and ecological reasons (energy problems, soon everywhere too). They want energy saving machines and energy saving humans. Both are to draw their energy mostly from outside the planet earth, in order to preserve it - allegedly. For this more alleged reason and because of their delusion (Godwannabe ) they want humans (inventors) and machines (inventions) to merge. This is rational, yes, but in the end it serves no man, no machine, no machine-man, no man-machine, unless „rationality“ is understood to mean „purely economic benefit“, which would be wrong, and this is not only about economy but also about ecology, more precisely about the consideration for the environment, and that does not mean „benefit“, but „servanthood“, „sacrifice“, „death“.

This whole thing will probably turn out to be a milkmaid’s calculation in the end. :laughing: :sunglasses:

It could have worked, if the waiver had been made early enough. Waiver also has to do with rationality!

The biggest problem is the desire for power, which here extends to the Godwannabe.