Will machines completely replace all human beings?

Partially true.
The Enlightenment>
the political>economic>industrial revolutions leading to Malthus predictctions>decolonizaton>

Lead to the rise of the barons of manufacture> making the elite control unavoidable
Marx was an aberration meant to occur.

Merely “partially true”?

Although —

If James was right (and I strongly suspect he was) the idea and name “human” meant “hue-of-Man” - the lower order creatures that made up the higher Man-ager of the paradise Eden originally called “ADM”, “Adam”, “Ahdam”.

So I can see the possible day when those machines, in whatever form, are the actual lower order creature making up the Man(ager) of Earth. And at that point, homosapians will no longer be “humans” - the androids will be instead - just like conservatives in the US are no longer citizens with equal rights, but “domestic terrorists” - the Jews would call them “the goyim” and the Musslims would call them “the kafir” or “infidels” - not humans.

It is an issue of who or what makes up the constituency of who or what is managing/governing life on Earth. :smiley:

Fortunately James also had the ethical solution for all of this but it isn’t clear that Man will ever realize it. :frowning:

Will machines completely replace all human beings?

It’s not so much that machines will fully replace all humans, but that humans will be living in a fully automated world.

Then the next epoch, era, age, kulpa of humanity will begin, of which the already more-automated parts of the world are approaching.

“Hue-of-Man”? And the machines will become this “hue-of-Man”? Will there still be homosapiens then? The homsapiens will then have been replaced, i.e. will have disappeared, right?

But it may also be questionable whether people will still be alive in this “fully automated world”.

I am not saying that people will not be alive then, but only asking whether they will be alive then or not.

What would be the point in automating the world if there is no-one left to utilise and benefit from it? though there may be less humans around by then, and we’ll have a more leisurely/less stressful life and existence, thanks to a much more automated world… for those that will be around to benefit from this shift of the burden of manual labour, from man and beast, to machine.

It could very well be that by that tome, the higher man will becoming the higher consciousness, where man will do away with it’s temporally manifested vorporial substance, and pure consciousness will be all that’s required

Immortality en mass for those who stick to believe in Theism !

Figure that.

*if fear doesn’t destroy us by then

The machines and the androids (both are not humans) will utilise and benefit from a fully automated world. Machines will get what they will need from other machines and vice versa.

Yea, it would not be my world, it would not be your world, and it would not be a world for humans at all, because humans would already be dead then. :astonished: :open_mouth:

Weird how as life gets less physically/mentally taxing, people seem more miserable, and there’s way more mentally ill folks. What happened to “hard work builds character?”


The people will slowly die out, namely on the following way: They will become demented (their memory is already reduced by censorship). They will have no more memory, i.e. history and history narrations will be no more possible, because the memory for it is missing. They will become communistic, whatever that may mean in reality, because they will be machinized at the same time, become cyborgs. They will be fought and defeated by the androids and the pure machines, so that at the end of this fight no human will be left.

Note and take into account that this is a thesis.

Are you assuming that machines will appreciate this benefitting, or that it will be a passive/non-sentient machine code level operation?

How all very West World…

You seem to think you know exactly what it is that has caused this misery and mental illness in folk.

Is it hard work that builds character, or just work in general? I guess it’s down to what you define hard work as… are you talking working down the mines or long hours at the office, here?

More the latter, Mags. However, the former is also possible, but not yet thinkable for most of us.

The whole world has become a West World, at least in a technical and economical sense. Like it or not. :confusion-shrug:

Ah, so programming feelings into thinking machines? ergo, artificial consciousness… or even someone’s real consciousness being uploaded, uh oh!

But that doesn’t mean that machines will one day rule us and take over, but I can understand the thinking behind it seemingly being able to become so.

Yes the old thesis. The Theatrical thesis OS a preamble to the Faustian anti thesis, which came before the antichrist, before the previous Enlightenment , which was a kind of preamble to the New Enlightenment of pure consciousness

One can not dismiss of the diminution of him an memory without a reminder of the noetic claim to a preference, to a Thetic fabricatire, that memory just doesen’t go poof without creating almost invisible signs that can connect among some faithfully reverant.

In fact just like the monks of the middle ages some strive to retain these relevant connections.

So in the event that the truly earnestly mad hold on against the real, the substantive anti thetic, remember most will let this fly by. Course they could hardly be blamed for the coming battle between Cyborgs and machines, they will, by human -Theistic Deus ex Machina , hold the upper hand.

ref: Michael Foucault

Orwell studied totalitarianism, especially communism, also in terms of forgetting. He did not yet know the technical possibilities that exist today, but he was already betting that people’s memory would be taken away by communism, which he himself experienced at times (he was temporarily a communist himself).

As for the criticism of modern technology, let us recall Heidegger:

“Only a God can save us.” - Martin Heidegger.

“The humans will only be used in the way they are needed.” - Martin Heidegger.

So, if they will not be needed at all anymore, then … (see above).

Are you sure?

See how willingly more than 90% of all humans on this planet do what they are told to do from above, and fight, insult, physically attack, and in some cases even demand the death of the less than 10% of all humans on this planet.

But also think of the possibility that even though the machines are about to replace the humans, the humans will fight back and start replacing the machines. :smiley: