Will machines completely replace all human beings?

I certainly hope You will find congruence.

me too

Obviously those people who are supposed to be loosing their jobs will not be able to buy the shit that the machines are making. So the machines won’t be able to work either.
Clearly machines do not “replace” humans, but release them from menial tasks has they have done for thousands of years, to allow humans do to something more interesting; labour saving is the fuel of progress, and will continue.
However if you don’t engineer the economy so that a broad base of persons get to benefit from the liberation from the tedium of work there will be no one to buy the goods manufactured by those machines…
In this sense, capitalism is a self defeating process. Or at least self limiting.

This dynamic has been the case since we first began to make technology, but has been more keenly felt since the onset of the Industrial Revolution from the late 18thC when canal building, steam engines, mine machinery, steam ships, mechanisation of textile production started to both take away jobs and create new ones.

This is not new.

When photocopying machine salesmen walked through an old fashioned typing pool, he knew that he was providing the means to send 100s of women onto the dole. And when those typing pools had been reduced to a handful, the guy selling the Word Processors knew he would also be introducing major changes.
Now “typing” per se is not even a recognised skill, as everyone uses computer keyboards and so “Typing” like printmaking, once a career in themselves are now “de-skilled”. All those manual functions are just memories.

Ever wonder why you have a keyboard that runs qwertyuiop, asdfghjkl, zxcvbnm ? This is a legacy of the time when typewriting keys used to jam together as keys were often hit at the same time (or close to). The separation if keys in this way has no function. But is testament to a recently replaced technology. When font designers discuss the spaces between letter they still talk of leading. This is because printers would have to place lead shims between some letter, and not others, as the gap between them is not uniform (eg iiii ww

Lev: Right. A little addendum here, mostly superfluous, but noteworthy nevertheless: The process did start way back at the dawn of the industrial revolution, and has been gathering momentum, but it hasn’t been noticed, because of the lack of population numbers back than.
Some people, like Spengler, took early notice, in a general sense, and only people like N i believe took primary notice. (It was Nietzche’s recurrence which attracted Spengler, to form his theory of periodicity of cultures qua morphology).

Nevertheless, what You are implying is old news, and the modern world has an entirely new look at issues such as global warming, equity imbalance, gay marriage, free trade zones, oil fracting, use of advanced technology in warfare, women serving on front military lines, right to euthanasia, the list goes on.

The transvaluation has effected more than the Continent, it has reinforced the anti logic of Marxist phenomenology, by cleverly using it as a way to destroy the true human dialectic of the spirit. It was not N’s fault he was also used by demonic hands who saw a perfect opportunity in applying it to mass stupidity of the then panicked public, who became unaware, that the whole world war fiasco was started on a whim, on account of an Austrian prince. It is not ironic, that the instigators, neither of whom were German, were both Austrian, and conveniently classifying them as Germans, was a gross de-differentiation for political gain.

That doesn’t matter.

What do you have against old hats?

It can also cause economic collapse. Replaced humans do not be automatically uneconomical - overnight - just because they are replaced (for example: by machines). The replaced himans belong furthermore to the economical system. Of course they do!

Yes, it is - very much.

Germany is not suffering under a huge unemployment problem - compared with the present western average of unemployment.

Here comes the 3rd interim balance sheet:

|Will machines completely replace all human beings?|
|_ Yes (by trend) | No (by trend) | Abstention ___|

||__ Arminius |__ Dan | Obe |
James S. Saint | Mr. Reasonable | Lev Muishkin |
__ Moreno |_ Fuse | Kriswest |
Amorphos | Esperanto | Mithus |
___ Monad | Only Humean | Nano-Bug |
_ Tyler Durdon |____ Gib | Lizbethrose |
|Uccisore | Cassie |
Zinnat (Sanjay) | Eric The Pipe |
| Phyllo | Backspace Losophy |
| Barbarianhorde ||
| Ivory Man ____|_____________|

|[size=74]Sum:[/size]|_______ [size=150]6[/size] | [size=150]11[/size] _| [size=150]9[/size] _______|

For comparasion:
1st balance sheet,
2nd balance sheet.

I’ll change my vote when I see four holy men passing notes. :sunglasses:

I seem to recall me saying in this thread that if the international elites have their way that they will initiate programs where machines virtually replace everybody on all levels of civilization Arminius. Abstention?

Just to clear it up a bit:

  1. WILL the elites have “their way”?
  2. Will the elites themselves get replaced?

The only way the elites won’t have their way is if a successful initiated international revolution or rebellion stops them.

Still, I think the global energy crisis with the destruction of modern industrial technological society will be their ultimate undoing in the end whether their plan is successful or not.

Will the elites themselves eventually get replaced by their very own creations? An interesting question.

Can artificial intelligence turn against its masters? It’s certainly a possibility.

Well okay, now that you have explained…
2) Will the elites themselves get replaced? - There are only three columns in his summary, so “yes” or “no” are your only options (where would you place your bet?).

“Four holy men”?

Do you mean (1) J. Robert Mayer, (2) Hermann Helmholtz, (3) Rudolf J. E. Clausius, (4) Walther Hermann Nernst?

:wink: :-k

Passing notes?


Those were close.
So imagine what the real thing can do. :sunglasses:

Hard to say. I can envision two possibilities with that.

  1. Where the elites gain complete control and dominance over A.I. in which they enslave the rest of humanity with the push of buttons at control stations.

  2. Where they lose control over their creation of A.I. which the fictional story of Terminators and Skynet becomes paramount causing a human extinction event.

However, neither situation is remotely possible or sustainable if the collapse of industrial technological society takes place first through the global energy crisis.

Takes a lot of energy to power advanced complicated machines like that.


I don’t like placing bets on unknowns especially when differing variables are involved.

I’m one of those people that likes to be exact and precise. Sorry. :slight_smile:

Well, I seriously wish THAT was even more true.
But grow a set, and participate. It isn’t going to be written into your Bible or anything.
If you were forced into having to bet, which do you think is more probable?

Realize that you can be exactly and precisely correct about what the probability was even if it turned out differently.

And also realize that just because I think that the probability favors one outcome far more than another, doesn’t mean that I am not going to try to prevent it. There are times when I really hope to be wrong and work to try to ensure that I was.

I still stand by my position that due to variances there are multiple probabilities.

What is all comes down to is specific events in time that makes one probability more probable over the other.


I’ve only tried to get an answer from you (you remember?), and now I have at least a response from you.