Will machines completely replace all human beings?

Possibly, yes.

Based on the replacement of all humans by machines I am speaking of a probability of 80% (see here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here). 80% is a high probability, but not 100%, so 20% are left.

So that is why the prognosis of human survival , the billionaires, and near billionaires of which there are ,many world wide, wish to depopulate the world, anyway, so that there will again be plenty of jobs for everyone. What does it take to build a nuclear safe
bunker? Maybe 10 millions of dollars real deep supplied for a peaceful transition for a couple of years, by which it’s safe to come up. And only quality
people survive to share the horror of confinement,
what You say! Let the rubhish be gone, anyway do they contribute to society, except overflowing lavatories, ain’t that the truth. Trump knows, he’s got
one, so does the NSA in Utah, so don’t you worry
you’d pretty mind its all good. The machines can be enslaved like the rest of them, the brilliant minds, of course will be able as well to seek shelter. Don’t
worry Your pretty minds, it ain’t as you all imagine if
to be. We’ll all go down for the sake of the new aristocracy, damn those Marxist rats, including Obams the Muslim, god damn kid ,this is the US of
A, not some goddam wind swept corner of some Korea.
Those robots will replace those jerks anyways, complaining’ of wages, benefits,and vacations, well
xxxx them all.

The tipping point would be when they realised that they no longer wanted to be dependent upon us

They could eventually survive without us altogether and be an entirely self sufficient species [ or whatever the future decides is
the most appropriate terminology to describe them ] The question would then be could we survive without them and the answer
would almost certainly be yes but it would be incredibly difficult to assuming of course that they had malicious intent towards us

I am still very much a nihilist. I think there is no objective meaning to existence. I think death is eternal. I think nothing truly matters
in the grand scheme of things. I think these are truths that I need to know regardless of how my mind processes them. Fortunately for
me my mind accepts them without question so I do not have to worry about them


Sorry guys I have drunk too much, I hope I will be forgiven for this transgression.


[size=50](I admit that I have been a bit surprised.)[/size]


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Meno, I often don’t know what you are talking about.

Are you often drunk?

It is not unusual for me to be confused. Please make the connection between nihilism and the rest here more obvious for me. I think I see it, but my understanding might not be consistent with your intended meaning.

I define nihilism as simply the lack of any objective meaning to life or to existence

Nihilists want to destroy everything, especially all values, and if they are successful, there will be nothing left.

I make the same definition. But what is the connection to machines and humans?

By this do you mean that machines, as nihilists, will destroy–amidst everything else–all human beings and the machines themselves as well?

No and yes.

No, because humans have invented machines. So humans are the nihilists.
Yes, because machines are or will be the humans’ heirs. So machines are or will be the nihilists too. And as such they will at last destroy themslves as well, yes.

Since all human beings are “humanoids” … what’s the big deal? :slight_smile:

Machines are being designed, built, and programmed to deceive the masses.
What could you possibly expect to come of it.

I think that certain Features like self-consciousness and Soul couldn’t be implemented by a Computer. Insofar as we are grounded and rooted in the universe, this concepts Play a crucial role. So as a consequence, machines aren’t able to be rooted in the universe, and this means that they are misguided as time went on. Günther saw this, and he thinks that with machine consciousness there is a way that man himself detects new sides of what it means to be human. This is coevolution of man and machine.

It is just more excusing the lust.

I don’t understand you! Do you mean my thoughts mirror lust?

No. I mean the denial of android abilities to provide an excuse to keep lusting after godhood through technology.

Technology is the opiate of governments.