Will machines completely replace all human beings?

My pleasure. :slight_smile:

What I find very intersing is that the retail salespersons have a 90% chance of becoming automated.

The future of the hue-of-Man is the assembled humanoid.

Very likely.

A master plumber and a building architect can also be replaced already, at least theoretically. It is merely a question of time (a) when this replacement will be economicall efficient too and (b) when certain lobbyists will have to give up their lobby (first partly, then totally).

So in this case, the only question word is: When?

More to the point, YOU are easily replaced with something far more efficient and complaint to the New Social Order.

@ Arminius.

You did a good job on this topic, Arminius. Now that it’s been almost seven years since you opened this thread, and meanwhile we are in a corona hysteria since 2020, which also has to do with AI, it would be very good and important if you would write here again.

I would say that the probability that all humans will be replaced by machines has increased, just as you predicted here seven years ago.

Even this topic is starting to disturb me now. :confused:

By the time this event happens, humanity will be spread out among vastly more.star systems in the universe, since our solar system has billions of years to go…

It is an inescapable fact that in time, the escape velocity overcoming the speed of light will assure a state of medical technology where human intelligence can overcome it’s physiological bounderies of surviving quantum jumps.

I think that is silly blather. Humanity will never exceed the speed of light (except in their fantasies). It would be easier to believe that Global Communism is going to be a utopia for all humanity - so no need to travel the stars. But they are already replacing people with machines and doing everything to prevent human growth.

This thread is not so much about the question whether “humanity will be spread out among vastly more star systems in the universe” (Meno), but mainly about the question whether all (all!) humans will be replaced by machines and how this will happen. Keywords: machines in the conventional sense, machines in the sense of artificial intelligence (AI), cyborgs, androids.

It is more topical than ever, even more topical than in 2014 (April 3), when Arminius opened this thread.

Ok, I get the stretched relevance. However, what makes it impossible that the speed of life be exceeded? Or, can a perpetuate mobile self repairing vehicle, may be effective for almost infinite space travel, with placing travelers in cybernetic suspension

They actually have achieved the latet, the former is not above the realm of possibility: given the rate of technological progress.

The reasons for more breakthroughs ade based on the acceptance of the fact that increasing medical progress assures the imcfeasung rate of population expansion within a limited space in a vanishing planetary source. Either that, or limiting the population , so as to drawl with those problems. In all actuality, limiting populations even at this juncture can not prevent further environmental damage.

For the above reasons, the above suggested technical solutions are being concerned in limited studies, as travel to other planets are at this moment are becoming possible .

Cyborgs may develop to the extent where they are developed by partial augmentation of humanity, but whether total robotic artificial intelligence may be developed to replace all facets of human life , is very doubtful, for ethical reasons, because such robotics may actually destroy human life.

At least until even an ounce of natural brain remains within any artificially intelligent system of cognition, invariable "systems will prevent a total takeover of human life form.

It just doesent set right that AI will be left to develop with a capacity to take over and destroy biologically developed life.

Caveat: if science can overcome the death of the gods, and the resulting fear induced by it, then such expansive progress , utilyzing technology is unavoidable.

Or. The progressive facilitation of the increasing utilization of the machine construction of the Star Treck idea, where billions of years of earth time can parallel a minute passage. of time on a very large spaceship, with robotic ongoing construction/ reconstruction ongoing, assures the colonization of space.

Given, on the idea that with probable recurrance, identically suited planets can be found , hospitable to our own planet earth, a life of eternal perpetuity can be assured.

Looking into the advent of machines taking over the practice aspects of constructing living habitat with human conception as the source of as. n a creative mode, has even to this day has been demonstrated by the UD economy been driven so, as compared to the underdeveloped economies of the world.

That communication between remote regions may be maintained by newer technologies, has been overcome by those minds of communications which have been demonstrated as having rates of progressive velocities greater then the speed of light.

That it has been conceived is almost a proof of fiction defying fact.!

There is an important question: Will people manage to survive? Because if it is possible to replace humans completely with machines, then it is also possible that all humans will be superfluous and probably even disappear.
Even then, when humans will have become cyborgs, they will no longer be pure humans, but hybrid beings. At least that’s how I judge it.

If it is possible to make a cat out of a dog, then the result will be neither dog nor cat, but a hybrid being.

The question of whether “humanity will be spread out among vastly more star systems in the universe” is a side question, although an intersting one as well. First of all we have to ask ourselves whether pure humans or cyborgs or machines “will be spread out among vastly more star systems in the universe”. At present, only machines in the area of our solar system and perhaps a little further have spread (see space probes).

Science will never “overcome the death of the gods”, unless science will overcome science, thus will “die” itself. So, “such expansive progress, utilyzing technology, is” not " unavoidable", but the end of either the machines or the humans is unavoidable, because the existence of both is in the long run impossible: either the machines will disappear, so that humans will forget them and therefore survive, or the humans will disappear, so that the machines will continue to exist either with the mixed beings or without them, but not with the human. There has been war between humans and machines since the beginning. This war is the war of humans against the nature. The weapons are of cultural, especially technological, anti-natural kind on the human side and the constants or forces on the natural side (see: gravity, electromagnetism, strong and weak nuclear force and their constants). Humans won’t win this war. They’ll change to cyborgs or die out, unless they’ll stop their war against the nature.

Also, because you brought up the gods: the humans could (re)discover their new (old) gods in nature, worship them and establish a religion, so that the war against nature can be slowed down again and again.

Katherine said :

“There is an important question: Will people manage to survive? Because”

Mankind’s will to survive is an absolute. Or genetic warriors, our progeny will not allow anything but.

I do not know or understand the immense force of that bind between young and old, but it is a certainty of nature, that can not be defied.

It is like the firc impressed by a sort of magical mystery tour.

Cyborgs still will be pervy to their creators, and when humanity will re- etheralize, the eternal reprogramming will be based on an iron clad hard drive .

Ironically it’s message core already seems to poo out in the messages which come trough with incredible velicity, that exceeds the speed of light.

In fact the messages come trough far before we see them. A kind of doppier trip back to the future.

All of a-priori philosophy sources in this strange reverse thesis narrative, for example the Scriptures come from a non spational-temporal antiquity that may be understood as short term, compared to the immensity of what a multitudinal universe may consist of.

There is also the possibility that the control of the machines will be lost. That means the time of the takeover of the power by the machines.

Not that I wish for this takeover, but this is how it could happen.

Do you think that religion is the one that will end the madness with the machines? Or what?

Yes, and on reread Kathrina, I am really sorry for the typos.

I believe religion can be used loosely to include many ideas, which have hardened into belief. Science is embracing a renewal of a substratum , which has largely been occupied as an image, of something previously grossly undefined.

That ‘Being’ the case, and connecting the ontological certain proposition with the peripheral climate of interpretation, the hardened drive arises, literally from a potential vacuum of energy laden question that revolves around the impossibility of some ‘thing’ coming from no ’ thing’ - namely the word or the idea of god(God).

You could mean this:
Is that what you meant?

I forgive you and therefore condemn you to only 4 years of music, because music is the best in this case: ilovephilosophy.com/viewtop … 4&t=192621 . :wink:

But more tot the concrete point: Can religion overcome the replacement of people by machines? And if so, how?