Will machines completely replace all human beings?

Human beings build machines, machines produce things and other machines. The machines do that for human beings and instead of human beings and other living beings (for example: horses, oxen etc.). Those human beings who did the same before the machines began to do it did not want to be replaced as workers / wage earners, but as consumers they wanted to be replaced. And what happened? Replacement! The currently workers / wage earners do not want to be replaced, but as consumers they want to be replaced. And what happens? Replacement! This will not change until the completely replacement of human workers / wage earners by machines. So the probability is very high that all human beings will be completely replaced by machines. I have been estimating that that probability is about 80% (see here, here, here, here, here, here, and here).

Machines can do human works very much better, they are cheaper, they can be better controlled as human beings (this doesn’t mean that machines can be forever totally controlled). Again: The probability is about 80% that machines will completely replace all human beings.

As machines become less controlled it may have the effect of forcing humans to become smarter, maybe more human, perhaps less machine like, a condition they often seem forced to emulate when programmed by rules, bureaucracy, protocols, dogma, etc, which may be difficult or impossible to escape from.

The way things stand now he’s the biggest fuck up this planet ever faced with no redeeming features that I can see. Just the opposite, a creature of lies, duplicity, hypocrisy all centered in what is considered expedient for the moment at the expense of everything else, the future most of all.

In this universe if you don’t have a future it’s because you didn’t pass the test which may not be such an unusual occurrence for other “intelligent” life forms out there. You came, you saw, you failed…and then you disappeared just as important postmortem as you were prebirth and just as silent. But maybe it won’t happen if a combination of genetics and electronics becomes the next step in evolution. One that replaces expediences with priorities and looks to the future in the context of NOW since literally there is no other way to commit to what follows intelligently.

How do we inseminate into the species as a whole the genius it takes to consistently create multiple futures and prove that it has beaten the odds?

Certainly, not by a determined chain of causally linked events, the sorry plight of a very large portion of the population at the present time. Maybe expanding the mind through imagination. I think virtual reality manufactured by the type of life-scope viewers which make ‘being there’ , virtually undistinguishable from the real thing. Maybe virtual reality has a function, nevertheless, of manufacturing an pseudo alternate world to alleviate the apparent treadmill of an existence most people find themselves in nowadays. There is no virtual limit to this kind of technology, however, entertainment must never be confused with reality. Rather a virtual necessity to find alternatives.

HELP the rate of population increase is declining.

[size=150]The machines are killing all the babies!!![/size]

Oh the Humanity!

worldometers.info/world-popu … growthrate

May …, yes, but currently it is quite the contrary: the average IQ of the world population is sinking, declining.

Maybe …, yes, but it depends on what „human“ really means, what „human“ really is, what a „human being“ really is. „Human“ is a ambiguous word, as you probably know.

Perhaps …, yes, but it depends on what „machine“ and especially „machine like“ in connection with „human being“ really mean. Is a human being who is less machine like really better than a human being who is more machine like? Or is quite the contrary right?

The delusional thoughts of transhumanists goes something on the lines of this.

Technological innovation replacing our entire existence and being is progress, right? :sunglasses:

That’s a ‘good’ thing, right?

Becoming a biological obsolete is progress once civilization merges with machine, right?


I don’t see why you have to increment the same sentence by a few more words when I wrote a lot more than that!
First of all I’m not talking machines in their current state; we were talking about the consequences of machine intelligence in the future accord to your OP.

Anyways this argument “the average IQ of the world population is sinking” is completely misleading. It may be sinking! Why is it sinking? You have more poor and deprived people on the planet who are illiterate or semi-illiterate with more on the way. Of course the average IQ relative to how it’s measured, will go down. “Average” is a statistic which defines nothing…and you know what they say about statistics. I have yet to meet the average person as defined by a statistic.

Every civilization has it’s own ideals as to what is human and what denotes it. Most of those have much in common. Unfortunately we most often fail to become that. But it’s not as if we don’t have a fairly good idea of what we expect from ourselves and the limitations of our own psychology. This incessant question as to what Human really is or means puts philosophy itself on the IQ casuality list.

That depends on both the future of humans and the future of machines and their, I would say, probable integration. In short, we don’t know what it “really means” (that phrase again) until we get there. That’s the nature of intelligence which is always half blind walking into the future. How can it be otherwise?

So i gather, Monad is in the ‘indeterminate column’?, as well?

What does “indeterminate” mean? :-k

Do you have any evidence to support that statement?

No, right?


No! And you can not give evidence. Without statistics one can say that the intelligence is sinking - that is a fact. This fact can be proved, although merely by statistics, yes, but that doesn’t matter because the statistics are an indicator, and an indicator is adequate enough for such trends. You need intelligence, if you want to resist against such a dictatorship we are talking about. Becoming smarter is not enough.

Just the reverse is right. “Human” is a word, so that we can research it linguistically and then philosophically. Philosophers who do [size=120]not[/size] use language are the losers.

The “nature of intelligence” (you have said that!), okay, then we can accept the IQ statistics as well.

Yes, I have. But do you accept statistics and experiences as evidence?

The Flynn effect - [s]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flynn_effect[/s] - has been falsified: too much statistcs ( :wink: ).

I remember watching that movie as a youngster.

All that stuff is transhumanist cinematic propaganda to make our technological replacement more palpable to the masses.

We’ll humanize the robots! Ah, that’s cute, isn’t it? It’s very family oriented, is it not?

I admit to having a problem deciphering some of the meanings in your post.
When you say " Without statistics one can say that the intelligence is sinking - that is a fact." I think you meant to say “Without statistics no one can say…”, and from a purely “statistical” point of view you would be right. The problem is it excludes too many other factors to make it realistic. The credibility of the Intelligence Quotient has problems of its own. I must have missed something but what dictatorship are we talking about? Sorry! but I’m somewhat :confused: here!

How long does it take to research “Human” linguistically or philosophically before a host of meanings and definitions become clear? How often do we have to reinvent the wheel before the meaning behind the word human reveals itself. It’s as tedious as that typical and perennial question, “What is the meaning of life?” The definition of Human is NOT described through metaphysics where virtually anything goes. It does not amount to a God variable incessantly probed but never yielding to any conclusion. Haven’t we been here long enough and considered that question to gain some comprehension of what it means to be human?

I don’t understand how this sentence comes together based on what I said or meant to infer, so I can’t comment.

In that text it is because of my question in the title of my thread and the Title of my OP: Will machines completely replace all human beings? Obe asks whether you belong to those who answer that question neither with “yes” nor with “no”; so he asks whether your name is or should be in the “Abstention” column in my 3rd interim balance sheet


You do not have an alternative. You disagree partly, but you have no argument, not to mention an evidence. Why are you against linguistical and/or philosophical approaches or perhaps solutions? It doesn’t very much matter how long it takes because it takes no longer than the alternatives, if there really is any.

Obe, should I write the next interim balance sheet soon?

Let’s see what you have.

You who have read so many books have no better answer than that. Do you find it so difficult to explain yourself or are you just so arrogant?

No! I merely countered your argument with my own which of course, you are not in favor of so I have no argument…the perennial response to any opposing view. As for “evidence” if such were even applicable to this subject - which it is not - why didn’t YOU supply any in your favor? What is Evidence and how is it to be established in this case? Do you think there can ever be any definitive evidence on what it means to be human based on philosophical or linguistic approaches? Do any of your guide books lead you to believe that there can be such a solution?

As to “Why are you against linguistical and/or philosophical approaches or perhaps solutions?” is an absolutely ludicrous question! I for one, don’t find it useful to regurgitate the same questions and responses to them over and over again. It seems the more books you read the more uncertain you are about the qualities which uniquely denote humans. I know you don’t agree but the mystery is not as great as you make it out to be.

I was being facetious! Not my best quality for which I apologize!

No problem, but really, which camp do You see Yourself belonging to?