Will machines completely replace all human beings?

This thread is now exactly one year old. :occasion-balloons: :music-guitarred: :beer: :obscene-drinkingbuddies: :obscene-drinkingchug: :obscene-drinkingdrunk:

What do you think about this one year old thread?

I know that during this one year e.g. some people changed their attitude towards the answer to the question: “Will machines completely replace all human beings?”.


:slight_smile: :slight_smile: I will try. Kirk and crew came up against a machine that that was roughly the shape of a cone that destroyed planets etc. It mostly matched your description, they in other shows met other machines that reproduced, were sentient, some bad some good. You would have to go through the books or the show’s series to get real details.
The old scifi writers covered AIs to a great degree, some ludicrous, some frighteningly believable, most inbetween.
I have over 5,000 books in my library, about 1500 are scifis. No details from me hon, I have the books in my head but only just.

Okay, thank you very much, Kriswest. Perhaps I read one of those books, although actually I had and have merely little interest in “Star Trek”.

You must watch all star trek episodes, it is the law! :slight_smile:

You would like the borg.

How do you know? :slight_smile:

They are an AI which thinks organic life-forms are worthless, and hence turns them into drones [its robot like operatives]. They also have a hive-mind and act as a collective to find the meaning of existence, or perfection whatever that is.

  • something like what you have presented in your arguments perhaps.

Not all of that is something I like but something I find interesting. :slight_smile:

  yeah, but what if Al himself will turn out to be an organic life form derivative?  In the miniaturization of microchips there is/was talk of using bio-molecular material to program.  Wouldn't that change Al's outlook?

The Borg are Star Trek Next Generation. I think Deep Space Nine and Voyager had Borg, 7of9 was on Voyager right?

The Borg is an autonomous collective cyborg community
[size=150]“Resistance is Futile”[/size]
First introduction of the Borg from the Original Star Trek series (circa 1967)
Proposed “First Contact” with the Borg species from the series Enterprise (circa 1996)
Borg’s absorbtion of the Captain (Locutus) from The Next Generation series (circa 1988)
Introduction of The Queen to Data, TNG
Borg and Feminism, Voyager series (circa 1998)

I forgot about the 60s one. Of course I was about 4 yrs old then, so I can be forgiven. :slight_smile:

There were no Borg in the original Star Trek series. An episode was altered to produce that youtube video( Kirk versus Borg). This is what was originally broadcast:

Especially interesting is that one can notice the “philosophy” behind the fact that in the film many people are “somehow” busy, because in the 1960’s most people thought that most people are needed. But this “philosophy” has been changing since the end of the 1960’s. :wink:

Wow! You were about 4 years old during the whole 1960’s! One year per one decade! Great! Please send me your “chemical formula”! :slight_smile:

But you are not a Borg / Cyborg, are you? :-k

I am superior to Borg.

:slight_smile: LOL I wish, I just worded it wrong. I meant to reference the year he put on that, 1967.

The quality of life of a cyborg is really not that much different than a human. Why do you wish to be androidenous?

There are some differences between the early and the later series of “Star Trek”, I guess.

Please, do not confuse cyborgs with androids. Cyborgs are humans (machinised humans), androids are machines (huaminised machines).

A Trek Cyborg would have access to much more information then I do and theoretically would live longer.