Will machines completely replace all human beings?

Preventing people from reproducing is an impossible task, and utterly pointless as the gene pool has already been corrupted. Also, every single male in the world would rebel from that rule eventually, including some nazis who change their mind later.

Also, if you do succeed at removing the jews, gentiles will rise into power and use the same techniques. Therefore my goal of castrating Jews, is merely justice and retribution for what they did by instating circumcision, it is not meant as a permanent solution to usher in a better world.

The real solution, as I said before, is the DNA machine, and if the nazi army spend all its money on that, there would have been no need for war, and everyone would have been satisfied, the Aryan ideal actualized.

National Socialists were not fascists. They also did not idealize slavery. Quite the opposite in fact.

You have yet to define what you mean by “natural range of motion”. You have avoided doing so.

You need to make a difference between subjective perception of freedom (feelings of freedom) and objective reality of freedom (reality of freedom.) Being free does not necessarily mean being happy and being happy does not necessarily mean being free. Freedom means freedom from instinct and action in general.

Egoists, however, have an inverted view. Freedom for them means being free to act on impulse and being unfree means being restrained to act on impulse. Whereas for me freedom means overcoming instinct, for them, overcoming instinct is unfreedom. This is not because freedom is a relative concept, but because they are hedonists who cannot transcend their emotions and instincts.

This is why I am asking you to define the idea of “natural range of motion”. What does that mean? How is state-controlled reproduction a form of slavery? You need to explain this.

Those who do not want to control reproduction will be declared as our enemies. We will “prevent” them from reproducing by waging war against them.

Only those males who do not really align with our ideals would. And they too would be declared as our enemies.

You did not answer my question: if you knew you carry the bad genes, would you still reproduce? and would you do so simply because it is within your “natural range of motion”?

I half-answered your question. The gene pool is corrupted, therefore such a thing would be more or less pointless. How do we determine which people are pure, and which are not pure? The gene pool is corrupted…do we only allow shallow airhead type aryans to reproduce? Or do we allow more intellectual aryans who are not as physically beautiful, to reproduce? Hitler had a jewish grandparent, so by your rules, would Hitler be allowed to reproduce? Would you be allowed to reproduce? Do we determine who is fit to reproduce by IQ test?

My DNA scanner aims to rectify this. It encourages reproduction of DNA categories with like DNA categories…for instance it scans and sees the potential babies. Stupid people are encouraged to breed with stupid people, and they are encouraged to live in certain sectors, while smart people breed with smart people and are encouraged to live in certain sectors. Dividing people into sectors based on their overall genetic and memetic traits, rather than arbitrary wealth or social status, will improve the overall quality of life and reduce ostracization. Nerds will be with nerds, and bimbos will be with bimbos.

This is not the final solution, only an appetizer to hold us off until the DNA machine. It will prevent run away breeding and by putting the individuals into groups, it will put a hiatus on further genetic pollution and decline.

Natural range of motion means the organisms ability to fulfill all reasonable ranges of motion, both inside and out. For example, what if the organism disagrees and feels that the state is incorrect in its assertion that he has bad genes? What if he finds a flaw in the states analysis, but the all impending state cannot be reasoned with? This is what happens when you put too much power in the State, which is only composed of individuals, which are imperfect in of themselves. Still you are labeling things as a dichotomy, as a Jew would, labeling people as either “enemy” or “not enemy”. Cannot allies be found in even rivals? The only true enemy we face, is that of the Jew in hiding, who gives the order to circumcise babies. Other people, even those with inferior genes who feel they have the right to breed endlessly, are not our enemies, but victims of their own minds…simply less evolved. We can despise them, as one despises an animal of low nobility, but they do not deserve the right to be labelled as our nemesis.

The statement that the gene pool is corrupted implies that everyone is equal and that it therefore makes no difference who will reproduce. This is false.

More importantly, you miss the main reason for state-controlled reproduction which is depopulation. Not merely choosing who will reproduce, but also limiting how much people reproduce. The aim is to decrease population over time.

You are dominated by fear of being enslaved by the state. You ask “what will happen if you disagree with the state?” citing this is a reason that state intervention is a bad thing. That’s not a good way to think. The answer to your question is that it depends on who is right. Or rather, the ideal resolution depends on who is right. In reality, anything can happen. If you are right, then I hope for you winning the war against the state. If you are wrong, then I hope for the state winning the war against you.

It only implies that if they twist it to mean that. That is not what I said. Aren’t corrupted entities each unique in their own special way? Its a mix of different genes, incomplete entities. For example, Stephen Hawking has the math gene, yet he is paraplegic, so does he get to reproduce or does he? A rich person, with a bad personality, does she get to reproduce or doesn’t she? An aryan who has beautiful aryan features, but a rudimentary incomplete aryan intellect…does she get to reproduce or no? Does someone with less visible aryan features, but a more complete aryan intellect, do they get to reproduce? Does someone with mostly bad genes, but a couple of very good and rare genes, get to reproduce over someone has mostly good genes, but of unremarkable quality?

Who gets to choose, and how can they choose, when everyone has an incomplete mix of genes? Even the ones choosing have imperfect intellects! Best thing to do is divide them by categories, (beautiful with beautiful, intelligient with intelligent, etc) to preserve desired traits, until which day the machine can combine all traits to create the super genetic entity.

But after this has been done, they get monotonously perfect people, who have very stifled competitive evolutionary hiatus left.

Such will forclose on further discernment, leveling intelligence to the point of total vegetable reliance on the selection machine. The programmer is lost in the program, and the solution becomes mute, and anti evolutionary. Since stasis can not be sustained, the revolt will be similar to a simulated entropy. I see no other exit out of this conundrum.

This is false, how can a machine which produces high IQ’s cause such fatigue, as if the programmer is lost in the machine? The whole point of the machine is to alleviate such symptoms! How can a machine which promotes genetic variance, promote genetic monotony? if this is what you believe, you must alter your thinking habits.

May be the machine has already got to me. IQ and innovation, progress, evolution are products of competing elements. The arrived products of ideal specimens cannot but cease to have the same depleted lack of sense, since the differential attributes have been leveled as well. If so, then these specimens loose the knack of identifying with the original sense of what those models appeared to be.
They will have lost their aesthetic ability since in an even field, they cannot perceive anything to contrast themselves with.

The intelligent dna machine will realize this, and try to spoon feed them propaganda instead. But if the specimens are even only half witted, they will realize the ploy, and organize and underground guerrilla network.

The communist party was a good example to fail on an international level,among the intelligentsia at least, that is why sztalin prosecuted them. He was ok with third world countries, since blind sheep follow only the power grip threat of threats.

A society of total and unequivocal standard bearers, require, that the pyramid have a singular, mythical vortex, to preserve an equally mythical identity. That some man will grab that identity and fuse it to himself, is unavoidable at the present time, sans a yet to be born super man-entity. That one will emerge from the darkness is foretold, but perhaps more by the power of it’s wish fulfillment than anything else.

The genetic basis of changing the DNA needs more time, much more time then what would be available in a test tube or a Petri dish over a bunson burner, although this too is as of yet questionable.

The DNA machine is not an AI. It allows you to select the body you want, with the traits you want. For an added fee, it even lets you transform yourself into unfit mutations, custom mutations, unusual mutations or unsavory mutations. For a very high fee, it lets you have a disablity, such as being crippled or having chronic pain, though I don’t know why anyone would want that!

You speak of it as if it is some AI, when it is really more akin to a photo booth! You can customize your IQ and raise it to 750, you can also increase the wisdom parameters as well! Why would you postpone such a thing, when our genetics are in decline and dissarray! Soon we won’t have scientists smart enough to build the thing, and the world will decay into totalitarian subjugation! To say that we must naturally wait for genetics to repair themselves, is insanity itself, as it is proven that genetics are already in decline.

I would be all for it today, would be one of the first ones to rush to try to raise IQ. But the chances are that although there are many claims as to the availability to of this technology as we speak, most likely we are as far, or farther removed from it then the vision of moon travel was in Jules Verne’s time.

My guess is, if ever such tecnology or potion became available, it would consist of super duper wealthy people, who had the smarts to begin with. It would be unrealistic to suppose that prices would not be astronomic, and that the people in charge would want to share very high IQ’s with people who could vest control from them. It’s simply unbelievable.

Although on the probability scale this could happen, but I doubt whether it would make much difference
Politically, where advantages , dispositions and vested interests are already pretty well prescribed.

Geniuses, are typically bored with money and worldy things. Most of the elite who would behave this way are inbred. I foresee the DNA machine with reasonable price plans, and I formulated a price plan in another topic. Reasonable price plans maximize profits, unreasonable price plans minimize profits. The DNA machine is a multiple use entity, charge too high and people will only use it rarely, charge just right and people will use it often, thus maximizing profits.

But again, just like in our argument about pretty people, what would a world with genius running wild be like? It is inconceivable, at least for the prent.

Perhaps you should watch the film Unlimited. Nootropics are the current version of “IQ boosters”. If you want the real and truly effective stuff, you better have a good deal of money rolling in.

If there was a common machine that could boost your IQ from the DNA level for a price, there would also have to be many new retroviruses to degrade the DNA so that people would have to routinely purchase another upgrade (like a drug wearing off).

And what of those who could not afford the upgrade? Useless, oppressed retards? Prearranged accidents to ensure entropy of the unwanted?

I’m not seeing a whole lot of difference from today. Until you fix the social ethics, it remains all about social domination.

So, then, why bother? Such a machine would be better spent increasing the already skewed standards of living. The machine is unnecessary, better spend it on overcoming present day scientific limits on space travel. Because, by the time they may find ways of fine tuning a technical feat like that, this world may become degraded to an unrecoverable extent, making it mute. Finding new pastures would be money better spent.

Unless, the ‘retards’ can be devolved from existence.
But for the time being at least, that appears to be a very far stretch, unlikely for sure, for other countries do have sovereignty.

Nootropics only boost what you already have, they simply boost your energy and output capacity. If you have flawed ideals, it just makes those flawed ideals that much easier to actuate.

Please list all of the “effective” nootropics.

There is no way to fix social ethics, you cannot reprogram the religious and greedy.

This is why a genius like me needs to take charge. Unless, jerkey, nootropics would help you extend the capacity of your thoughts, instead of posting them while they are still in the henid stage? Don’t you think that after the DNA machine, space travel would be a trivial issue, as everyone would have 750 IQs? No, you would rather have them labor as idiots. I suppose you are the guy who plays strategy games afraid of upgrading the units, instead of upgrading units, he focuses all of his resources into upgrading one building, and wonders why he always loses.

Why do we need to spend extra money on space travel? I already posited a theory that this world was chosen by aliens…Why would this world be chosen? Because it is mostly fertile, and has some good properties. Now, it doesn’t matter if you believe this theory or not, because relocating humans on a spaceship is rather unsustainable and lowers the quality of life. Forget about colonizing mars, the whole atmosphere is the wrong temperature and it cannot sustain life. Colonizing Antarctica would be easier than that, do you listen to Bill Nye? If humans cannot take care of a fertile, sustainable world, then how can you expect them to manage a barren wasteland with even worse conditions than Antartica? At most you could put them on a bottleship and see if the bottleship does not run out of resources, but that is very bleak. Most of the crew would go insane after a while, like the “Snow Piercer” movie.

The temperature of Mars is 70F in the day, -100F at night. Antartica is between 0F and -120F. However, Mars has an atmosphere primarily composed of carbon dioxide. Therefore there would be air conversion machines that convert carbon dioxide to oxygen. If one of those machines malfunctions, or if there is a power outage, everyone dies. The soil on mars is not habitat for life, and there is no explanation for how fresh soil will be generated. At most, they would be making routine trips to Earth to get new soil. And if one of those trips fail…everyone dies. The reason is because the martian economy will not be big enough to mass produce shuttles until Mars gets a sizeable population. In addition, Martians will not be hardy enough to perform their daily chores of cooking, cleaning and maintaining the habidome/equipment, and also doing their daily chores of science, inventions, and building equipment. For building machines, various materials and minerals are needed, and various petroleums and crystals which are not on Mars. Where is the mining infrastructure going to be setup, if we are missing some needed minerals to mine? Mars makes it impossible to structure a sustainable infrastructure, more resources would have to be spent on sending shuttles to Earth, than the resources gained from mining the minerals. In essence, if you want a successful Martian community, you also need to upgrade the DNA, and you still need Earth. In addition, we would need a machine that turns carbon dioxide into water. This, and all other machines such as the air converter, would be powered by an large and expensive array of solar cells, which have enough power to be stored for use at night. And if the power goes, everyone dies. In addition, the dome would have to be resilient and leak proof, and exponentially more expensive the larger the surface area. Therefore, a network of tunnels would be preffered, to lower the cost than wide open circles. Factories would have to be built, to make computer chips and various machines and equipment. This would require a large population in order to balance the workload. Addtionally, the material to cover the dome would be very expensive, since it has to regulate temperate to 70F despite it being -100F outside.

Wouldn’t it just be easier to make a DNA machine to stop the breeding of retarded politicians? Like a child, you run away from your problems, into the unknown, to be devoured by wolves. Looking to Mars at the answer, before he’s finished eating with what’s on his own plate!

New pastures in which to spread the disease, still without a cure?

Not exactly, but why do you think that upgrading DNA would change one’s ideals?

That is government classified (“our permission only”). What government wants its people to be smarter and faster then them?

Oh, you would be surprised. Eventually, it all goes away.

Yeah, in retrospect, if there could be one without any history left, it’s all dust in the wind.