will no one even consider it?

everyone seems to not be able to have a flexible enough mind to even consider a title which may not look interesting to them; i do not understand how no one is interested in how the concept of freedom and free will has developed since aristotle and thanks to newton…someone help me out…give me some opinions…IF YOU HAVE ANY!

Free will is the belief that is commonly considered to be the antithesis to determinism, though debate could be made on this. In a very brief summary, free will would stat that it was by my own conscious decision to consider your question, read it, and reply to it, all of which were actions taken of my own freedom to do so. Determinism would state that by a course of events, we were brought together in this discussion, and there was no way that either of us could have avoided it, in that the course of events has been set since the very beginning of time. Many people are not interested in debating free will versus determinism in the purest aspect because it has been argued and argued so many times, both by the philosophers of old, and indeed, many times here. Free will was avidly supported by Schopenhaur and Nietzsche, as well as Sartre who’s existential anguish was based on his realization that:

The more well known determinists, such as Descartes and Newton, were Christians, who, of course believed that all was created by God, and everything was determined by his will. Now, again, that is a very simple, short, inaccurate representation of their entire belief on the subject, and indeed, there have been many atheist determinists. An interesting belief of some of the classical determinists was that there was a “master formula” for all of existence, which, if discovered, could be used to reveal all of the events that would occur in the universe as a whole, as well as each individual existence. I, myself, believe in free will. However, many a logical point can be made in favor of determinism. I hope that others will debate this now, so that both sides may be further rationalized.

No offense Ed, seriously. But I think for 1: people have their hands full with the amount of free will v.s determinism threads that are already on the board.

And 2: your question is very limited. Just focusing on aristotelian times, and newtons discovery. Why should we limit our view to this? Or what does it matter what people thought in a specific time.

And 3: your post is really really short, and you lack to give your own opinions. It will most likely end up in the mundane babble section. Make sure to put in your own opinion, and thoughts, so that your future posts stay in the philosophy section.