Will there be war in Europe before 2050?

Ever heard of "collaboration“?

Those soldiers in the picture above are soldiers of the German Wehrmacht - not SS.

Ernst Jünger was one of those German soldiers - as an occupation officer.

Maybe France was already dead at that time - maybe it died already in 1814, but if it really did, how would one call the current situation then?

This is the current, his "lovely“ Paris:

Welcome to France your Muslims:

But the Fed and other global banks are richer than ever before. That’s a coincidence, isn’t it?

We want a better France (or the old France back, although it is probably not possible anymore), but he does not! He wants a France that has never existed.

His motto is: "wash it but do not get it wet“. The result is always "oil for a fire“.

The following text was written in April 2014 (thus: before the last huge wave of immigration):

Daniel Greenfield wrote:

"Muslim Gang Rapists in France: »The French are all Sons of Whores«.
»They would not have touched the girl if she had been a Turk«.
April 22, 2014
Daniel Greenfield

Muslim colonialism. It’s everywhere you don’t want to be.

An eighteen-year-old girl got off the regional rail at Évry station, and made a call on her cell phone. Four individuals jumped on her, and dragged her to a near-by park. They stripped her of everything, then they undressed her and raped her, taking turns. An indescribable rape of barbaric cruelty. The gang of four tortured her for more than two hours before leaving her, bleeding. A driver in a passing car took her and called for help. She had enough strength to file a complaint.

Thanks to her detailed description and the video surveillance images, the police arrested the four suspects in less than twenty-four hours, and their DNA confirmed their guilt. The questioning began on March 31 in the afternoon. The four rapists are minors: two of them are thirteen, one fifteen, and one seventeen. Three Turkish brothers, one Moroccan. Special facts: the eldest, seventeen, had been released six months earlier after serving two thirds of a two-year sentence for the rape of the son of a gendarme sub-officer. Released without surveillance. Now he is a repeat offender. Two of the others have already been arrested for armed robbery. Four criminals, three repeat offenders - all minors!

During the questioning, and from what we know about the investigation, the minors did not express the slightest remorse. On the contrary, they expressed their hatred: yes, they would not have touched the girl if she had been a Turk; yes, they attacked her because she was French and “the French are all sons of whores”. The judge who jailed them indicted them for gang rape and barbarity, but also, and this is very rare, for racism.

This attitude is fairly typical as is the problem of repeat young offenders, which the article later addresses.

France has few useful responses to the decay of its society under the pressures of Islamic colonization. It can’t impose the more brutal policing norms of the Muslim world and even in the Muslim world they don’t suffice to protect Muslim women from violence. Rape and sexual harassment are endemic and they are curtailed only by chaperoning women or keeping them inside.

That’s how broken Muslim culture is. And that breakage has spread to France.“

Written in April 2014.