Will there be war in Europe before 2050?

Friederich II. (der Große) was Prussian, Adolf Hitler was Austrian. So both were German (thus: not "anti-German“, as you said).

Certain false values of the post-WW2-era do not count.

Europe as the EU exists only because Germany leads it. All other EU countries benefit from the EU because of the fact that Germany has been leading the EU since its beginning - that (and only that) is the reason why the EU still exists.

The non-German countries will never leave the EU as long as Germany will remain the leader of the EU. So you are right: "As long as Germany leads in the EU (because it would still lead outside the EU), most of us will benefit from that“ and thus not leave the EU.

I am more against than for the EU. So my appeal is: Exit or wait till the day when the EU will get a new leader: the Nothingness!