Will there be war in Europe before 2050?

The national parliaments have no power anymore because they have given their power to the dictators of the EU. The problem is the EU itself.

Ah, you mean this:

Okay, if yoou want …

Stop insulting me! And you are - as usual - wrong. The war against France was already discounted at that time: the German War was in 1866 and the French-Prussian (a.k.a French-German) War was in 1870-1871. The French were too weak and too stupid, oh sorry: too naive old cows.

Are you sure that you are an ILP member? Have you ever heard of philosophy?

Nonsense. I am not a Kantian and not a Schopenhauerian.

Other famous Prussian German philosphers are Christian Wolff, Johann Gottlieb Fichte (more Brandenburgian than Prussian), Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (more Prussian-Saxon than mere Prussian) Oswald A. G. Spengler (also more Prussian-Saxon than mere Prussian). Do you know them? Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel was a Swabian, not a Prussian, but he became a “Swabian in Prussian commission”.

Agitation! - I am merely interested in science and philosophy and especially in the history of science and philosophy. That’s all.

You have no idea. That’s typical for agitators.

Therefore I said he was a “Euro-Buddhist” - but you did not notice that.


I do not know what you mean by that.

It was before you were born , when I studied that. It was the time when almost everybody and anybody of the students studied it.

It was called “National Socialistic” because of the emphasis that there was a national instead of an international socialistic party - it was directed against the Soviet “revolution”. Fascism is the reaction to the Soviet “revolution” and the propaganda of internationality. So “national” in “National Socialist party” means “against internationalism”, “anti-internationalism”. “Socialist” in “National Socialist party” is also referring to the Soviet “revolution” and the internationalism. “We don’t need a Marxistic, communistic, internationalistic socialisms, because we have our own socialism, a national one” - that was meant.

Hitler was a Mussolini fan, Hitler was an Austrian, not a Prussian (there were not many Prussians but many Bavarian (Austrians are also Bavarians) fascists. Again: Fascism was a strong response to the Soviet “revolution”, to communism (Marxism, Leninism) or any other egalitarianism. Most of the fascists were former communists, thus: they knew exactly what they were fighting against.

Did you finally get this, young man?

Are you paranoid?

No, you are confusing something: George Bush said: “Those who are not with us are against us”.

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