Will there be war in Europe before 2050?

As I kept saying for years and years and years. Here on ILP as well as elsewhere.

Actually I mean the process opposite and have made this clear. The EU is part of the problem as I have always said.

Maybe you can stip behaving like Hitler and calling everyone that displeases you “agitators”.
You apparently have no idea about the German unification and how Bismarck pulled that off, and how tricky it got after he had defeated Austria.
That’s fine, you seem sentimental and simplistic.

And now please cite any of these philosophers with respect to Prussian and European politics.

No, you are a racist asshole who can’t be bothered to read and yet has the nerve to claim intellectual consistency.

Empty, idiotic lie. Test me about Kant if you wish but stop fucking lying, you McCarthyan accuser, dishonest freak.

Which suggests that Europeans have no physical discipline, which is idiotic.

Bravo. It’s clear enough you have not studied history, neither Prussian nor modern European, at least not while employing some form of rational thought. It appears that you’ve been spoon-fed some fables that you wish to protect for emotional reasons. The similarities between you and a certain religious group become quite striking.

That’s clear enough.

Then it is unbelievable that you do not know the history of Marxism in Europe.

No. It is on record that Hitler wanted to sway communist voters to his party.

Do you know the history of Hitler in Austria? Do you know why he went to Bavaria? No, and no.

I don’t like religious fanatics is all.

Yes, I am comparing you to GW Bush, you got that right.