Will we get a syncretistic religion?

I think that we will get a syncretistic religion as we conceive of religions today. However, by the time we get this syncretistic religion, I’m pretty sure that what it means to be a syncretistic religion will have changed to something that is more than a congregation of today’s religions. Let’s say that in 500 years christianity, buddhism, animism, hinduism, taoism, zoroastrianism, strong/weak atheism, etc… will have been reconciled. Perhaps something new will exist then - that we will have to intend to reconcile with this convergence.

What if humans agree to seperate and peacefully go down seperate paths becoming truly different breeds? Why must humans be the same to have peace?

I think that seperate paths are not possible now and will not be possible in the near future. This current impossibility is a symptom of our times.

Because no real ruler wants then to have peace. Humans can never be the same, so the real rulers and their functionaries are always saying “humans must be the same to have peace”, because the real rulers know that that is impossible. It has always to do with the control of the 99%. :wink:

The societies with the lowest fertility are not the wealthiest societies:

Yes. Oh, yes.

This “One World Religion” can also be called a “synctretistic religion”.

Is this “One World Religion” … this “Synctretistic Religion” the same as Chardin’s “Omega Point” ?

Bingo. Spirituality is the best way.

I think that you would love SAM Coops.

Actually, it was kind of dumb. That was like saying “First cure all diseases spread by women, then….”

That highest fertility rate country is Niger (approximately 7 children every per woman). The USA has been very actively importing vast numbers of their people into the USA, giving them homes and jobs (can’t image why :icon-rolleyes: ).

James … I find your post a bit confusing … not the cure all the diseases spread by woman part …

Artimus posted … “Bingo. Spirituality is the best way.” in response to a post from Lev Muishkin … “Simple - first remove all that causes discord and conflict; get rid of all religion and look at the earth, not the world’s of our own creation.”

I see Artimus’s post a bit differently. I don’t see some new flavour of spirituality replacing all religions or superseding them.

I see it more in line with the Chinese proverb … something to the effect … many paths are available to climb the mountain but the view from the top remains constant.

Perhaps some day all religions will meet each other on the “top of the mountain” and discover …“the view is the same” … with a subsequent embracing of all religions … all paths up the mountain … maybe!

More emerging thoughts …

Some religions have gone the way of the dodo bird on there climb up the mountain … more may meet the same fate … those that make it to the top will see the same view … maybe.

That’s okay. I find all of yours that way.

You don’t see the similarity in that and what I said:

Not only is it a ridiculous “first step”, but also a direct presumption of guilt.

But then you find that they were on the wrong mountain.

When was it? I mean: When did the USA start to import vast numbers of people from Niger?

And by the way: How many have they imported till now?

Look here for the answer.

No, it is what is necessary to fix a vast sum of conflicts that have been and still are ongoing.

Religion needs spirituality to be religion but spirituality does not need religion to be spirituality. Spirituality is basically all of the positives in religion without the coercion, fear, false hope, limited consciousness and discovery, traps through dogma, etc.

You do not need to follow anyone or subscribe to anything to feel or see the connection in life, universe and so on.

There is no wrong mountain… You still climb, you still get a view. The rest is preference.

Palm readers, mind readers, and mystics, are spiritualists … endless line of fakers and con artists.

Again, BS.
“No one needs to be taught anything. Everyone inherently knows all things from infancy. Each person is God.”

…yeah right. :puke-huge:

Sure, all people are always right in all they believe … “as long as they believe. There is no wrong. There is no Truth. All opinions are equal. Follow no one. Believe in no one. Be yourself and free.”

{{where have I heard that before}}

Leave them kids alone.”

Modern churches in London, and probably beyond…

“Believe in good”

Even that is too much for the modern nihilist, who cannot cannot see a distinction between good and bad or right and wrong.

Palm readers and mystics aren’t spiritualists… They’re con and fake. But you never know with some people anyway.

Spirituality has nothing to do with making money, so you using that as a defense to paint it in a negative light is kind of funny.

I didn’t say belief was right or everyone is right in what they believe because they arent… Which is kind of why I point out the flaws and contradiction inside religion.

But yeah, go down your own path, independent study, study all possibilities and the chances of what could be more possible/evident than the others.

You miss the point of spirituality and focus on trying to bash it when it is impossible to bash. It is quite literally all of the positives of religion void of the negatives.

Why would you rather have a million people going down the same path discovering nothing new instead of a million paths being walked by a million people where new discovery pops up daily or hourly. Just makes no logical sense to me.

There is a truth and we have given coercive dogmatic principles and fairy tales enough time to find them, unfortunately though… It failed, miserably.

And I disagree with it being bs. People do need to be taught, or at the very least influenced so that they may teach themselves.

Opinion is about as useful as bull shit… And then even that is more useful than opinion.