Will we get a syncretistic religion?

We can think of many analogies in that case. For example: Each living being has a so-called “individual” body, a unit, although there are many other living beings in that body, if this living being is a so-called “higher living being” like a human being. The other living beings in that one living being are the deviations of the rule that one living being is always one living being. It’s right: one living being is one living being, regardless whether there are many other living beings in that one living being or not. Beyond that: this one living being needs the other living beings. Living beings are beings of self-preservation (including: self-organisation and reproduction) with an immune system; and the immune system of a so-called “higher living being” depends on other living beings (bacteria / germs).

Without deviations a syncretistic religion can not exist, but we have to call it “syncretistic religion” nonetheless, even then, if some people who are part of this syncretistic religion say “we do not want to be part of this syncretistic religion”. As long as this deviated people of one syncretistic religion are not too many, the “immune system” of that syncretistic religion works very well, thus that syncretistic religion is very “healthy”, exists very well.